Thursday, January 25, 2007


An amusing read about a drunk woman who shoplifts a parrot... why a parrot? at $1500, its about the same price as a Christian Dior handbag.

(Lulu and Kathleen will disagree here... no amount of money will make them steal a live bird)

However the punchlines the solicitor threw were quoted throughout the article.

"describing the crime as "at the lower end of the pecking order".

there's no suggestion that birds of a feather flock together," he said.

"My client understands she has ruffled some feathers and she has paid the price for that.

"The flock of media that are here is great credit to the society's interest in this matter."

"Asujamaa and her family had been publicly shamed but to her credit she had not "attempted to fly away".

"But they (Jessica and Matt) weren't acting as cockatoos."

Look a court case and a show...

Or another lawyer that really should go into show business...

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