Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve 2006

Steph and I had decided on a home based NYE party, we were sick of the crowds, the 40min wait, the standing, the packed train. Blah Blah Blah (damn we must be getting old) So the ajenda was a late arvo BBQ, cocktails and fireworks on the hill.

Steph and I were in a mad panic trying to remember who was invited, who we told, who was coming, who we forgot, running around picking up fruit, sausages, liqueur, an ice crusher, spirits, limes and ice. We managed pretty well and even squeezed in a YumCha Sess with Serge and Lucia, before a mad rush home to prep garnishes and clean the house.

Serge and Lusia popped by after 2ish to inspect the house and join us on some starting cocktails and a bit of Wii tennis. Then the rest of the party arrived, games started, drinks poured, martinis shaken, never stirred. Everyone else was introduced to the Wii and added as a Mii. Steph manned the BBQ and snags from the local butcher, and Lulu's chicken wings were a hit.

I manned the bar. Focusing mainly on fruit, making mocktails first, then adding the liquer and spirits for the real people. I have found a love for Tequila, especially Screwdrivers, and the Strawberry Dacquiris were divine, normally I hate of rum, but these weren't so bad… maybe because I diluted them so much with fruit and ice.

After the 9.30 fireworks on the plasma, we turned to Pictonary Steph and Andrew had a bonding moment over "Right Wing", then we moved onto Singstar. Whitney Housten " I wanna dance with Somebody" got the blood pumping and Steph and Andrew's redition of Noll's "What about me?" was sung with brutal emotion. (I have the finale on video and Kath has a photo montage...)

A few more songs, laughter and drinks, the clock turned 11.45pm so we headed across the road for fireworks, party poppers, sparklers and some very heady champagne. (The Devil wears Prada) I have to admit that Grant Burge, did some serious damage and knocked everyone's socks off!!! I think we could be declared the rowdiest bunch on the hill.

We taught Kath to rave, Steph had doof doof music on his phone blaring out. The spotlight went out as we watched 6 sets of fireworks go off over the harbour… We even had fireworks going off in the park for us! Excellent! Tho we didn’t see the bridge, the fireworks were great, the atmosphere was wonderfully bubbly.

Next Year's Resolution: NYE 07 - Get a boat and sit under the bridge.

PS: 2007 started off with a hilarious event which will be marked as a highlight and a sign that good and happy things are to come.

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