Saturday, December 16, 2006

Degenerate! Eva's Kiddies Birthday Party

Well 16th was D-Day… I had with the assistance of Ed, produced an arsenal of Chocolate Chip Crackles, Honey Joys, Frogs in Ponds, Traffic Fruit, Mini Cupcakes, Thai Chicken Wings and Fruit Punch.

Left: I made Ed sort out a box of mini pack M&M's
Right: Frog in Pond and Chocolate Crackles Setting in the fridge.

It was a chance to have that kiddies party I always wanted when I was 5 but never got. Growing up in a Chinese Restaurant Community, Birthday Parties always involved approx 60 people with Jook, Chow Mien, Curry Chicken and a A3 sized black forest cake from the Casino (which no one liked)

Unfortunately the weather looked too ominous to have the party at the Domain with the Carollers. Plus the thought of carrying all those goodies too daunting, and playing pass the parcel on a big picnic rug, amongst clumps of Sydney Families with envious children.

And no kiddies party would be right without a theme cake… So I got myself a fish shaped cake!

Now you know why I got Ed to sort out the M&M's

It was so much fun making, I made cakes for Denzil (6th Dec) and Andrew (7th Dec) who also have birthdays around the same time (Theory: March is a great time for Parents to Conceive…, please post December Babies!) Denzil got a Camera Cake while Andrew got a red (well pinkish) AFL Football Cake. NOTE: Its Sherrin... not Sheridan

These were fun to make!

Also a Kiddies party wouldn't be right without games: SO Pass the Parcel was played, with prizes between the wraps and some dress up things for those fortunate to wear (A relived Jenny and a Lucky Nige!) The other game we had was Pin the Tail on the Dragon. I painted a dragon without a tail and thanks to photocopier and colored paper we had tails to stick on the dragon's tail of which you had an option: Canvas or Denim...

Left: Trevors winning pinning Right: Someone's butt is on fire...

Thank you for all who came, and a surprise visit from Lisa Yee who looked a young as ever!

But a lot of people couldn’t make it with all the Xmas party functions and work piss ups. SO next year it will be the 18th of November… and Readers…. NO EXCUSES!

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