Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What ins a (chinese) name?

Ever wondered?

well heres the link. Pretty cool, it takes the phonetics of your english name and turns them into something chinese, and adds a bit more thought in chosing the characters so your name doesnt pick characters that combined mean "Honeydew Melon" or "white radish top" and keeps in mind your gender so you wont be lablled "Pretty Peony" if youve got the Y chromo. (not to say some guys wouldnt mind that name ;)

It stuffed up my surname a bit, kept giving me "Cow" as the surname (NOT impressed look) but because it used mandarin phonetics i changed my surname to Wu and got the right deal.So here's my name... First character is Wu (Real surname character - five) and the others are be graceful and fragrant. (HA! YSL eat ya heart out!) Tho the characters Mum and Dad chose for me arent chosen for a meaning rather the were chosen to sound phonetically like my English name just in case i forgot them living in a white world. So i have no cool meaning like the indians.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Its up!!! 30 days to Christmas

Hey Kath! have you put yours up yet?

Rocky Road Dumpling

This is actually quite nice! Both Ed and I approve. (Steph has lost his voice so he not able to give an opinion.)

This dish had 3 parts. Rocky Road, Dumpling Pastry and the Syrup.
Rocky Road
160g chocolate
50g Marshmellows
50g chopped peanuts

Melt the chocolate (i was making soup at the same time so i stuck a bowl in the pot and melted the chocolate)
Toss in the peanuts and the marshmellow, stir and spread out on some baking paper. Leave to set.
Put another piece of baking paper on top and the rocky road out flat.
Chop into thin strips and roll.

Much easier to make than the pastry for Har Kow.

320g Glutinous Rice Flour (green bag)
4T rice flour
340ml water.

Sieve the flours into a bowl, make a well and stir in a bit of water, bit at a time, stirring so that its all mixed in, continue stirring until it turns into a piece of dough (shiny and glossy, but not oily)

40g Ginger
500ml water
1 Tbs brown sugar

grate the ginger then grab all the shreds and squeeze over the pot to extract the juice. Add sugar and water and boil then simmer, check for taste,

Making the tong yuen. (fun part)

And the final product

Very yum. different from normal tong yuens, the chocolate and the ginger are a really nice combo. Steph wouldn't eat my tong yuens (bad boyfriend!) but had the rocky road.. i suppose i should give im a bit of leeway seeing hes sick and all that. Im such a nice girl.

Har Kow

Its yumcha time! I bought a HK yumcha book and was inspired to make Prawn Dumplings!

The recipe is in 2 parts, the pastry and the filling. Filling is easy so ill start with that.

320g chopped prawn meat
40g pig fat (pink stuff), chopped
40g water chestnuts, chopped
1t salt
1.5t sugar
.25 MSG
2T oil
dash of pepper

Mix it all up and put in the fridge. to wait for the pastry.

160g Tang Flour
160 g Bean Flour
320g water boiling
20g lard

measure out the flours, put the tang flour in the bowl with HALF of the Bean flour (Didnt read propery here and had to restart) Add the boiling water and mix quickly! (get gluggy real fast) when all the flour is mixed into one big goo. Put a tea towel over the bowl for a minute then add the lard and remaining flour. (didnt have lard - used oil instead) mix then knead until glossy.

Combining it all together
Roll sections of the dough into round thin skins, wrap stuffing in them to make shrimp dumplings, place them in the oiled steamer, and steam for 5 mins. eat hot.

Results? Well they didnt look yumcha quality, I dont think i had enough oil in the pastry as it broke easily and therefore had to be quite thick. I didnt have white pepper so i used black and that actually worked.

I'll make again another time...

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Jen stayed for dinner and we bought a side of salmon at the Fish Markets, which lead to making Sushi for dinner.

While we were in Hong Kong we visited my favourite store Jusco $10 (which is the equivalent of Hot dollar stores here in Sydney) and picked up a sushi (Futomaki ) mould

Oh this mould is worth every sent of $2 dollars. It sped things up, and no sticky rice fingers! Bonus!

And we also made little finger nigiri sushi. We bought a piece of smoked eel too and even made little nori wrappers! very authentic! :)

With all the rice we called up Pep and Ray to come over and eat, and they brought the most delicious salad along! most divine, good food, great company, it was a delicous gourmet weekend.

Sculptures by the Sea 2006

Seeing it was the last weekend of Sculptures by the Sea, Jen, Steph, Ed and I headed to hot and crowded Bondi Beach for the annual "Admire/Laugh/Bewildering-Walk-Sweat-Burn" event.

Some were good some weren't alot were created by artists that we recognised. and a few we think were repeats. The highlights of the event are below but theres over 300 shots but flickr only allows you to show 200...

He he! Its hot and I'm here

Jen reaching out to help douse the hot fisherman below

err... does that camera work?

"Ah-tee-stick" shots

Sydney Rail System

It looked like cake, so... "Jenny take a bite!"

Ed smiling


& Balance it up...

Making Dim Sims

Rah! (note here death of nikon)

Its was a bit warm...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Factory Outlet Shopping

Its summer the buses are out and Kathleen and Lulu joined me on spot of Factory Outlet Shopping.

First stop Hermes! which had moved to Shoes 2000, so the real first stop was Seduce Factory Outlet. Absolutely great for skimpy tops.Then Hermes, which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, this isnt the French Hermes, but an Australian version. But i picked up an nice handbag anyway.
Then we stopped by Seafolly, Handbag Factory Outlet, Vianne Homeware, Sandler, Sportscraft and Elle.
By then it was 4pm and we were pooped!

My favourite shop was Elle, i picked up this cute little handbag (the extreme opposite of the red briefcase I picked up at Hermes)
The best bargain? A beaded top at Sportscraft for $2 dollars!