Thursday, August 31, 2006

Racoon Eyes?

Today I got a makeover at the Estee Lauder Counter at David Jones, the lady, Maria was lovely but didnt have a clue on how to make up an asian face. Most chinese people dont have that flappy thing above their eye (called a pocket) and as a result most girls try to paint-in a pocket, which is a good idea BUT the pocket is suppose to DISAPPEAR when your eyes are open and on my eyes, it looked like i had a set of closed eyes on top of my real ones. (talk about four eyes...)

So I had to teach her, I mentioned that I liked her makeup, which was nice (and no... not everything on the counter was on her face) and told her that when her eyes were open you could only see a midgen of colour, which was what I wanted. I further emphasised it by saying that I wanted flashing neon lights not full beaming ones.

She ended up putting a bit of colour under my eye, and smudging it upwards along with some colour on the edge of the top lid.

A bit of tinted moisteriser (cant stand caking) and a bit of pink lip gloss (tastes like strawberry sundae, licked off most of it before i got home)

Not bad! Bought the eye shadow, got a free magazine... and waiting for the next freebie :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

He cooked!

I'm so proud of him! My little brother normally a passive in the kitchen had to take over cooking dinner last night. He cooked steamed fish, Chinese veggies and a chicken curry and cooked the rice. Not complex mind you, but he took over the makings of dinner and it was yum :)

So why the take over?

Last night I had the joys of splashing my arm with boiling oil (ouch) with the random dots and big splotch making themselves well known and considering the pain I was in last time when I picked an oven tray out of the oven with no gloves (yep the oven was on...) I immediately ran the burns under cold water... but the delusion of numbness didn't last for long, it took 3 goes, 3 bouts of boredom (sitting under a tap is boring) AND I missed out on my animal fix on channel ten. The previous bout of burning, had me calling home moaning of pain, and as a result my auntie while we were in Hong Kong stocked us up with burn creams (thanks Auntie Ginger!) so gooped up and relatively free of pain I sat down to a lovely dinner and then made some onigari (more on that later!)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Vi!

Vi, a true foodie, took us out to Jang Won in Campsie to celebrate his "21st birthday" (after 28 everyone reverts backwards in age, with only a brief recognition of 30) ;o)

At first we thought it would be WAYYYYY West but we were pleasantly surprise that it was just past Dulwich Hill, and really around the corner.

But the food! OMG, the pork belly was to die for! Andrew kept asking if i was okaym, everytime I made a sound of delight as the marinated piece of juicy suculent pork belly melted in my mouth. (pause to wipe drool)

The place was quaint and very charming, and you know its authentic when the waiteress and the waiter speak not a word of English! We met Auntie (see photo) the owner of the restaurant and fell in love with her generous and cheery nature. (reminded me of mum)

The food was divine, hot and spicy but not lip pulsating chilli heat. I've included photos of the beef and the pork, both were amazing, the beef had the potato noodles which absorbed the broth and the flavor of the beef, the pork as mention heavenly, and the soups were tasty too, and went well with the red bean rice. Any cusine that does (Tong Loh Farn) (soup mixed with rice) gets brownie points from me!!!
Beef presented at its best, thin slices cooked in a tasty broth,
and the heavenly pork, full of fat and flavour

The tofu which I think was hand made, (certinaly wasn't in cubes) melted in your mouth after a small amount of resitance, and even though it was served in a flaming red sauce was only warming to the tongue.
left: chestnut jelly and right: a roll of Kimchee, beautifully presented

The pickles were perfect, the peanuts the chestnut jelly (refreshing) and the kimchee go the Kimchee!

We are definelty going back! Thanks Vi and Happy Birthday!!!!
Auntie and Vi - aren't they adorable?

Jang Won Restaurant
Anzac Mall
Shop 1, 13 Anglo Rd
Campsie NSW 2194
Phone (02) 9718 0010

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A little confusing...

Safety first for carry-on Dells - BizTech - Technology -

I really just wonder how your going to run an item that runs on batteries without the battery as outlined in this paragraph...
The airline said that although passengers would be allowed to carry their Dells either as checked or cabin baggage, they could only use them on battery power or through the aircraft power supply available in some first and business class cabins once they have first removed the batteries from the unit.
Thanks to SMH Technology for clearing up how battery powered objects work...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Laugh for the day

It's not often that you get an "End user" to admit this, but after remoting into his machine, and fixing up his small notes problem, he turned round and said:
Hey! You’re making me look computer illiterate!
Jokingly I advised it it was my job to, and he was glad it was me, not him doing it!

A great way to start hump day off

Monday, August 21, 2006

Love is...

A crock pot, ok a slow cooker for the uninitiated.

After, mentioning, in passing, to my parents last week my wish to own one, they kindly bought us one, I picked it up on Friday, now we're the proud owners of a 3.5 Litre Sunbeam Slow Cooker.

I christened the Crock Pot with lamb shanks. I adapted a recipe from the ABC, and viola! One very tasty meal!

Thanks Mum & Dad, the lamb shanks were awesome, there's a spare one in the pot for when you come to visit :O)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Round 2...

This time it was Little Brothers Revenge (LBR) and Saddleback.

While we were at Andrews and Kathleens enjoying a steam boat dinner and a game of Scattergories, LBR and Saddle were busy at work laying down the babies.

ooh im a grandma again! hahaha

ahh a picture of parental care!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sore but Fufilling...

I'm a bit late posting this up, however here goes...
last weekend while Steph was in Adelaide, I decided to join the CVA for a bit of volunteer work, but my motives were selfish:
  • See a bit more of Sydney without paying for it
  • A bit of a workout in a nice environment
I chose the Dee Why Headlands Project, And on a beautiful Saturday morning set out with a small team of 6 including a team leader.
The drive was very nice, and the place was amazing. We parked the car inside the park, some snobby rich ladies questioned our right to park there... never mind the fact that we had the key to boom gate...

But we weren't given the keys to the toolbox trailer! Bare Hands or go Surfing/Baking... (didn't pack a cozzie, so bare hands it would be)
It was a 10 min sandstone hopping walk to the site which faced the ocean. and the site was directly under some fantastic houses that would be in the mills. I took some photos while my hands were clean, then got stuck into the work.
The people on the team were lovely, and I did have lots of fun with them. The Scot Alexander was a nice boy, and as a sucker for an accent we listened to him yarn a bit commiserated with the fact that the English were everywhere.
Infact it was as bad as the Ekhart grass we were pulling out and the Sprenger's Asparagus too.
(I forgot to ask why it was named after such a lovely vegetable... if anyone knows please post a comment.)
We broke up shortly after 11am, and it was at this point our esteem leader admitted that he had a hangover, oh dear...
the afternoon was spent lazing around then we all went home.

I could not bend over, all my muscles from the back of me knees up to my left shoulder were stiff! Sitting down involved a gingerly slow motion to prevent the jarring of sore muscles. But after a bath in Epsom salts, and some deep heat ointment I was feeling much better.

Conclusion: Heaps of fun, its lovely going to strange park spaces that I would never otherwise go to, and the people are nice chatters to boot. Will go another time!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Travel quote for the day

One for the frequent traveller...
"Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo." - attributed to Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., former US vice president and now featuring in the climate crisis film An Inconvenient Truth.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The webcam

Whilst in Hong Kong I bought my parents a webcam at one of the many Tech buildings in MongKok, thinking I'd buy my mother something cute, I bought a Penguin, not really knowing what I looked like when it was plugged in.

With my visit to Adelaide over the weekend, I had the chance to install the webcam, and it looks like I have bought them a Demonic Penguin cam...

Lets call it Damien

Saturday, August 12, 2006

How to...

Leave your mother lost for words on her birthday...

Steph's 12 step plan
  1. Contact your father weeks before her birthday, say that your coming down to Adelaide for her birthday, but not to tell her, its a S U R P R I S E.

  2. Help your father create a GMail account so that mother has no idea what time your arriving.

  3. Arrange to arrive the night before the said birthday and have a hide out ready.

  4. A few days before, confirm that mother is working the night before her birthday.

  5. Make sure that everyone knows what's going on, other than your mother, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings etc, but, pardon the pun, but Mum's the word on this one, no one to talk!

  6. Your father leaves a note that he's off to a meeting the night of arrival, when really he's off to pick me up from the Airport.

  7. After arrival, you hang out at the hideout in the hills, and wait till mother has well and truely left for work.

  8. Arrive home, set your bed up and sleep.

  9. Wake up early on the birthday, clean up your mess and make it look like you'd never been there, then just hang out till Mother arrives.

  10. Hide when you see the car reach the bottom of the driveway.

  11. Just as your mother drives into the driveway, call her on her mobile to wish her a happy birthday and engage in small talk, hope that she doesn't quite hear the dogs and my father talking in the background when she walks in the door.

  12. Step into the kitchen whilst still talking to her and watch her jaw drop and look confused and just keep asking, why are you here, how did you get here...
The surprise on her face was amazing, so very totally confused, and happy to see me.

I did something simillar a few years ago, Eva and I, we hired a car and drove from Sydney to Adelaide, arriving in the early hours of Christmas Eve to ring her from the house phone to her mobile, to have her lost for words.

I would like to thank everyone for their part in this, Dad, Serge, Unkl Mark & Anty Sue along with Paul and Lyn for suggesting Dad and I hide out their place till Mum leaves for work.

Silence is golden, but thankfully there were no "loose lips" as the ship wasn't sunk.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Eva 1 - Bank 0

Over the weekend I hopped onto my internet banking to find my account overdrawn! and a whopping $40 dollar fee!

And what does 40 dollars mean to me? Well it buys my weekly bus ticket and lunches for the week, so bascially my working week survial money, and the bank flicked it out of my account. Thieving bastardos!

The annoying thing was there was plenty of money in the subsidary account that they could have taken the money out of, AND I'm pretty sure in the fine print they said they would.

So today I went into the closest branch and demanded a refund, an arugment set about between the branch manager and myself. AND I WON!!!

I have to admit the branch manager was understanding and acknowledged that a $40 dollar fee was exesssive but claimed that everyone else was doing it to. (ANZ and NAB charge $30)

But who cares! My money has been returned and I am victorious!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A new addition

Purely because there isn't enough space to be had, I've gone an created a new Blog; Steph's Random Phone Photos.

I'm aiming to post all the "good" photos I take with my phone camera that fall outside of the scope of this blog.

Link can be found under Side Projects & Photos

Update, can't forget our good friends Dinh & Gregor, whoops Sorry!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Interesting poll

Reading through the dailytelegraph today, found this gem in the social column...

I'm neither a fan of either Bec or Lleyton, the pair of them just irritate me, especially after pimping their new born child to the media.

But then again... Kate Ceberano and Sandra Sully on the other hand... Definitely winers, hands down

Welcome aboard...

One of my long time friends has finally managed to get his act together and create his own blog Emma and Matt's travels...

Welcome aboard!