Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dim sum for Fun

On friday night, the apartment corridor smelt like freshly steamed dim sims.... mmm!

So Saturday morning I gathered the goods for a homemade dims sims!

Heres the ingredients
1kg minced pork
1/2 kg prawns (soak in 2 tablespoons of Bicarb and water for 15 mins then rinse well)
3 cups of chopped spring onions
3 cups of chopped bamboo shoots
3 cups of chopped water chestnuts
1 cups of rehydrated chopped mushrooms

Be the chef and handchop all this stuff or be Kathleen and be super efficient and use the food processor. Then mix it all up so it looks like the mess to the left.

Then take a gow gee wrapper in the palm of your hand, then using a fork, put in the center of the wrapper about 2 tablespoons of the mixture. then using your thumb and your pointer and the rest of the fingers curled loosely to make a pocket. Push the meat and the wrapper through the pocket so that the wrapper goes around the mixture and basically pockets all of the meat leaving the top open. Tuck any corners into the sides if you have any.

Pop your dim sims on a lightly oiled plate to await for steaming.

Steaming your babies - place the dim sims on the oiled steamer, make sure that theres a bit of room around each dim sim and that you have some uncovered steamer holes. Steam for 15-20 mins, or until cooked.

Serve hot with chilli sauce and soy! yum!

Our mixture made about 60 dim sims and they all disappeared in one night!

Monday, May 22, 2006

A skyline in your room

Ed can now claim that he has a bedroom with city views! This poster was left behind when an business on another level moved out, which I have admired it ever since I had moved to the Westfield Building. In fact I'm inspired to go out and do my own version! (another project for Eva to play with)
Today Matt one of the Building Guys popped his head in and I remembered the poster and asked if i could have it seeing no one was there anymore and he said "Sure!!! Just go in and grab it!" & talk about lucky!!! because the next day they were going to put holes in the walls poster included!
It looks better on a purple wall so Ed scores a lucky one. And its kinda strange actually rather than paying buckets of money to take a photo on top of some expensive building... I just have to walk into ed's room with a camera and take pics of our famous landmarks.

Harbor Bridge and Opera House . Sydney Tower

World Tower . St Marys Catherdral

Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Sofa

Today our new sofa was delivered!

After years of searching, walking through many stores, factory outlets, jumping and testing sofas, a budget that went from 1G to $200 bucks! I finally found a great sofa on eBay! And I have to say that this one is is perfect! And REALLY huge!!! Measuring 2.5 metres in length with big fat cushions, all in a beige woven fabric. Its It was made by the tradesman so no fancy branding and its a really sturdy and comfy sofa!

It took the delivery men a few goes to bring it in and then it turned out that our doorway was too small!!! Oh no!!! My sofa dream was dissolving in front of me! In fact I couldn't watch as they tried to put it into the lift. Finally the got it into the house by hoisting it over the balcony!!! Which is obviously the way its going to have to leave if we move out!

I've already had a nap on it too! After yumcha with Kath and Andrew in the city.

Supermodel Steph posing on our new purchase

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back into Production

While Steph is watching the "Man fight the Machine" with Andrew in Crows Nest, i have finally had some time to get back to the earrings. Here's one of the few that I made... The rest are in the slideshow link.

I went a bit nutso with the Macro on our camera. I'm sure Puff can do a better job than I but then it all boils down to the size of the wallet that purchases the equipment...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Left over roast pork...

What do you do with about a kilo of left over roast pork from Saturday night?

You could definitely do alot, sandwiches, bubble and squeak, fried rice and the list goes on... Me, I turn it into soup!

And voila! Roast pork soup!

  • 3x Carrots, peeled and sliced into rounds
  • 1x Large onion, halved and sliced roughly
  • 1/2 Bulb of garlic, crushed and roughly sliced
  • Olive oil, just enough to cook onions
  • Roast pork
  • Water
  • Green beans, enough to add colour
  • 1x Buk Choy, chopped (all I had, but more is always good!)
  • Rice Stick Noodles (Dried Ho Fun) XL size
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste

Heat pot and add oil and sweat off onions & garlic till just turning colour, then add a jug or two of water and let it simmer for a bit, chop the pork up into bite sized cubes and add to pot, include the bone if you have it, add the carrot, and add more liquid till pot is 3/4 full and then bring to the boil, then turn back to let it simmer, trying not to let it agitate too much.

Whilst simmering, occasionally skim the fat from the surface trying not to disturb the surface too much as this will cloud the broth, and make the soup bitter, after about 20 - 30 minutes, add some salt and cracked pepper to taste.

Keep pot simmering for a while longer, trying not to boil, add the greens, and then add the Ho Fun and allow to cook through till Al dente, then serve, making sure you get heaps of roast pork, carrots, greens and noodles.

Last but not least, make sure you tell Denzil all about it, cause no doubt he hasn't eaten yet, and he'll probably curse you for beating him to thinking about dinner, just make sure you send him a photo of the finished product to rub it in *grin*

Yes there is!!!!!

It's opened! I just called up! I got this response!

"Good Afternoon... Rockmans Reduced and YES! We Are Opened!"


I'm going THIS Saturday! Its opened from 10-4pm so you'll see me there at 9am! (I suspect it will be packed this saturday as the word gets around!)
call/email me if you want to join in! :D

Saturday, May 13, 2006

There is hope....

I must call them on Monday to
pester them for an opening date.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Steph's Chinese Name

When I first started dating, I told mum, After the initial freaking out, Mum eventually got around to asking what his name was... To which I replied - "Stephane..." Mum responded with a "Huh? Sup-Farn?" Hence Steph's Chinese name was born.

Now "Sup-Farn" basically means 10 returns. and it is a score used in mahjong (continue from the previous entry) and its a pretty good score to get. We know because when we were in Hong Kong, after being introduced as "Sup-Fan as in the Mahjong's Sup Farn" .Everyone went Wahhh!!! and were all very impressed.

Well today while playing HK Mahjong on my palm i happend to Win "Sup Farn"! Now there are heaps of ways of getting the score "Sup Farn" but this is the way I won it.
The dragons refer to the red character ("Hoong Jung" aka Red Center) and the White Rectangles ("Bak Baan" aka White Tile"). Because the Green Squiggly Charater ("Faat Choy" aka "Success") wasn't in a set of three (see previous blog) this winner was given a "Minor Dragon" Score.

The other 2 sets of tiles are winds. The one that looks like a window with a pair of curtians is called West (think of it as with the western sun glowing into the windows.) And the other one with the yen character is South (you'll have to figure that one out). I always stuff them up so don't worry! Just make sure that with these types of tiles... YOU CAN ONLY POONG! Ed tried to SHEUNG them when we first started learning and he was laughed out of the house!

And how much do you get for "Sup Farn"? Its not the highest scoring set of tiles you can have but its still pretty impressive.

Player 1 had to pay double because he threw out the tile that i won on. If i picked up my own winning tile from the deck, they would have ALL had to pay $2048. Not bad eh? Esp if its dollar for dollar! >:) heh heh heh.

Poong! Its Mahjong time!

Today I bought a mahjong table!!! There is now a new activity to play here in little Tassie fun house!

Here are a few pics of our new purchase. This takes me back to the days when all the Chinese Restaurants would gather in the living room of one family and the roar of rattling mahjong tiles, swearing and the moaning of the "one tile that got away". But before that the kids would rule the tables, playing dominos or "turtle" spinning the chips on the table and playing "handcuffs" with the cup holders! But a few years have advanced the accessories of a mahjong table! They now have built in ashtrays!
Puffers are catered for, however you'll have to wait
'til kingdom comes before you can smoke at this table!

But much to my surprise not alot of people can play mahjong! so ill put up a few hints to play as we go along.

Basically you need 13 tiles to win, you need a pair of eyes and 4 sets of tiles. A set of tiles consists of 3 tiles either in a straight (1,2,3 or 5,6,7 etc) or three of a kind.

This is a basic hand (my god! theres a mahjong font!!! FERAL! how cool is this!!!, I want to type my next email in this)
Note: To collect your sets you can collect as you pick up tiles, (discarding those you dont want) or you can Sheung or Poong. However, you can only sheung from the player that played before you, but you can poong from anyone. Poong also means other players may skip a turn (unless you are the next player after the poonger)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Style it...

A bit late, but it's worth a mention...

After our return from Honkers, and recovering from the flu, I've been devoid of the energy to write and think and be remotely creative, but that all changed last week when Eva and I wandered down to Chop Sticks in Balmain to "test" the restaurant out for some copy Eva was going to write for their new menu.

As the night went on, we were introduced to the new duck dish, and next thing I know, I was being asked for my opinion on how to style it, and then next thing I know, I was styling the food.

After a false start, we returned a third night, and the styling begun in earnest. Granted it was only one dish, but it was enough for my first step back into the dizzy world of hospitality.

This image was taken before the real shoot took place. Definitely the hardest thing I've done in a long time, fighting off lack of sleep certainly didn't help my cause, but I'm pleased with my effort.

Management were pleased with my effort, and have asked me to do this all again sometime soon. Hopefully I'll have slept a little more next time.

But I have to say a big thanks to Eva & Pep for dobbing me in. I did work in a French Restaurant many years ago, but never was I a French Chef...

If you want to see the end result? You'll just have to visit Chop Sticks in Balmain, location: 264 Darling St Balmain NSW 2041

Monday, May 08, 2006

A nice quiet weekend!!!

WELL... that was the plan... however when implemented it turned out to be something a bit different.
Saturday was spent at Yum Cha with Dinh, Gregor and Kathleen, Gregor and Dinh have just returned from their honeymoon. Yumcha at East Ocean is always good and 11.30pm is a great time, as the crowds hadnt converged yet and there isnt a pregnant woman beer waterfall feature.

Then afterwards we went to Lulu and Denzil's for dinner joined by Shane and Xi-shing, who announced to us that they were officially going to Singapore!!! How exciting! we spent a lovely evening chatting and catching up.

Sunday, and again the quiet day planned but we knew Dinh and Gregor were popping by, so in celebration of that i cooked what was called Autum Glory. Which was a pasta with tomatoes, zuchinni, mushroom and chopped pumpkin, served in a pumpkin bowl. Scraping raw pumpkin out of a whole pumpkin is hard!!! Steph used his extra hard muscles to do most of this! but in the end it was all worth it as the dish was very yummy!!! i the recepie add it later but here is a picture. AND it came out of a fat free cookbook!!! they only oil i added was at the beginning to soften the onions!

After that we had a great game of monopoly in Scotland, which turned very vocal and a rematch has been declared for a later date.

Quiet weekend? No such thing! But Man did we have fun :)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

That doggie aint mine...

Eva does not have a little dog. In fact I do not own a dog at all. That's not saying I dont want a dog, but current renting restrictions and Steph prevent me from buying that doggie in the window...

Today i recived my 2nd phone call about a missing little dog. The first time a lady called me up on friday morning, asking if a i had lost a little dog. and this time the poor bloke had the animal trapped in his backyard!

Is someone pranking me? or tempting my animal loving nature? Stop it! I want a doggie, a cute little fluff ball with big brown eyes that melt my heart. (Steph! Move aside!) But its someone elses, I'm almost tempted to say "Yes It's mine!" Go around have a look, & if its a sorry looking mutt, take it to the owner at that street address!

There must be a dyslexic person out there misquoting their mobile number as mine.

Not long after a good friend called and I almost answered the phone with a "No I do not own a little dog!"

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fresh Hot Turkish Bread

Today we stopped by a little Turkish kebab shop for a few slouvlaki/yerros/kebabs. And to our deight we were offered some fresh turkish bread for $2.00!!!It was warm and smelt heavenly! (Inhale and sigh dreamily) Totally divine! Steph wanted to eat it at home, so he CRADLED it back to the car. And then went one step further and put it in the back seat!

Eva: But it will fall down if you break suddenly!
Steph: Yes It will fall down if YOU help it! Don’t touch!
Eva: *inhale and pout*

The drive back was torturous! The trapped aroma was driving all rational thought out of my head. I was chanting Pi-de! Pi-de! Pi-de! Turk-ish! Turk-ish! Turk-ish! Fah-Laf-Fel! Fah-Laf-Fel!

And it was gone the next day...