Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Survival of the fittest

Woohoo! We survived another Milbank Christmas *Phew!*

What a crazy 6 days we've had, shopping, more shopping, wineries (Thanks Barossa), food, Christmas Eve feast, Christmas Day Feast, and now the mad pack to head home later tonight.

Now that we've abused our livers, and filled our tummies, we're greatful to my parents for putting up with us for so long, and not to mention feeding us!

We'll do a more comprehensive roundup once we're back home and have ready access to our photos etc.

To all that we didn't get a chance to speak to, Merry Christmas from Eva & I, and no doubt catch up with you all in the days to come over some food (I like the idea of Yum Cha), or a few drinks somewhere.

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