Friday, December 29, 2006

IKEA upgrade

Back in Sydney with our prized present from Santa the Wii console (Steph and Eva were very good children this year) We headed straight to Ikea for a bit of furniture upgrade..

Our plasma was looking a bit like a muffin top on our tiny TV unit. Time for a new one and that coffee table… OH that coffee table… well we didn’t get that ideal one I've been dreaming about, but the one we got is a pretty good substitute.

PS: I nearly died when our goodies wouldn't fit in the car... But their delivery service was quick and we had the goods the next day... And when the goods came, the delivery guy's comment was "Wow all your stuff is from Ikea" Now, is a bad or a good point... Either way it will cost us well over a grand to loose the birch look... so its staying!

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