Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What ins a (chinese) name?

Ever wondered?

well heres the link. Pretty cool, it takes the phonetics of your english name and turns them into something chinese, and adds a bit more thought in chosing the characters so your name doesnt pick characters that combined mean "Honeydew Melon" or "white radish top" and keeps in mind your gender so you wont be lablled "Pretty Peony" if youve got the Y chromo. (not to say some guys wouldnt mind that name ;)

It stuffed up my surname a bit, kept giving me "Cow" as the surname (NOT impressed look) but because it used mandarin phonetics i changed my surname to Wu and got the right deal.So here's my name... First character is Wu (Real surname character - five) and the others are be graceful and fragrant. (HA! YSL eat ya heart out!) Tho the characters Mum and Dad chose for me arent chosen for a meaning rather the were chosen to sound phonetically like my English name just in case i forgot them living in a white world. So i have no cool meaning like the indians.

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