Saturday, November 18, 2006


Jen stayed for dinner and we bought a side of salmon at the Fish Markets, which lead to making Sushi for dinner.

While we were in Hong Kong we visited my favourite store Jusco $10 (which is the equivalent of Hot dollar stores here in Sydney) and picked up a sushi (Futomaki ) mould

Oh this mould is worth every sent of $2 dollars. It sped things up, and no sticky rice fingers! Bonus!

And we also made little finger nigiri sushi. We bought a piece of smoked eel too and even made little nori wrappers! very authentic! :)

With all the rice we called up Pep and Ray to come over and eat, and they brought the most delicious salad along! most divine, good food, great company, it was a delicous gourmet weekend.

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