Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sculptures by the Sea 2006

Seeing it was the last weekend of Sculptures by the Sea, Jen, Steph, Ed and I headed to hot and crowded Bondi Beach for the annual "Admire/Laugh/Bewildering-Walk-Sweat-Burn" event.

Some were good some weren't alot were created by artists that we recognised. and a few we think were repeats. The highlights of the event are below but theres over 300 shots but flickr only allows you to show 200...

He he! Its hot and I'm here

Jen reaching out to help douse the hot fisherman below

err... does that camera work?

"Ah-tee-stick" shots

Sydney Rail System

It looked like cake, so... "Jenny take a bite!"

Ed smiling


& Balance it up...

Making Dim Sims

Rah! (note here death of nikon)

Its was a bit warm...

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