Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rocky Road Dumpling

This is actually quite nice! Both Ed and I approve. (Steph has lost his voice so he not able to give an opinion.)

This dish had 3 parts. Rocky Road, Dumpling Pastry and the Syrup.
Rocky Road
160g chocolate
50g Marshmellows
50g chopped peanuts

Melt the chocolate (i was making soup at the same time so i stuck a bowl in the pot and melted the chocolate)
Toss in the peanuts and the marshmellow, stir and spread out on some baking paper. Leave to set.
Put another piece of baking paper on top and the rocky road out flat.
Chop into thin strips and roll.

Much easier to make than the pastry for Har Kow.

320g Glutinous Rice Flour (green bag)
4T rice flour
340ml water.

Sieve the flours into a bowl, make a well and stir in a bit of water, bit at a time, stirring so that its all mixed in, continue stirring until it turns into a piece of dough (shiny and glossy, but not oily)

40g Ginger
500ml water
1 Tbs brown sugar

grate the ginger then grab all the shreds and squeeze over the pot to extract the juice. Add sugar and water and boil then simmer, check for taste,

Making the tong yuen. (fun part)

And the final product

Very yum. different from normal tong yuens, the chocolate and the ginger are a really nice combo. Steph wouldn't eat my tong yuens (bad boyfriend!) but had the rocky road.. i suppose i should give im a bit of leeway seeing hes sick and all that. Im such a nice girl.

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