Saturday, November 25, 2006

Har Kow

Its yumcha time! I bought a HK yumcha book and was inspired to make Prawn Dumplings!

The recipe is in 2 parts, the pastry and the filling. Filling is easy so ill start with that.

320g chopped prawn meat
40g pig fat (pink stuff), chopped
40g water chestnuts, chopped
1t salt
1.5t sugar
.25 MSG
2T oil
dash of pepper

Mix it all up and put in the fridge. to wait for the pastry.

160g Tang Flour
160 g Bean Flour
320g water boiling
20g lard

measure out the flours, put the tang flour in the bowl with HALF of the Bean flour (Didnt read propery here and had to restart) Add the boiling water and mix quickly! (get gluggy real fast) when all the flour is mixed into one big goo. Put a tea towel over the bowl for a minute then add the lard and remaining flour. (didnt have lard - used oil instead) mix then knead until glossy.

Combining it all together
Roll sections of the dough into round thin skins, wrap stuffing in them to make shrimp dumplings, place them in the oiled steamer, and steam for 5 mins. eat hot.

Results? Well they didnt look yumcha quality, I dont think i had enough oil in the pastry as it broke easily and therefore had to be quite thick. I didnt have white pepper so i used black and that actually worked.

I'll make again another time...

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