Friday, September 15, 2006

Lost Dog

I've lost my dog again....

Oi! You! Whoever you are in Bulli, (Halfway between Sydney and Woolengong) Your Dog has MY mobile number on its tag.

Fix it!

I have no dog. Then when I deny the dog's ownership, these nice people get angry at me! Accusing me of being neglectful of some mutt I dont even own! Next one that calls I'm getting that address and sending the RSPCA around to their doorstep!


Eva said...

Correction! its Bulla Victoria, according to some locals behind the Melbourne Airport.


Its a shitzu... -_-

not cool dog. eva no want.

and i have notified the RSPCA and the the Hume City council about this badly tagged dog.

Eva said...

Good News! The council have worked wonders, and i now know the mobile number of the lost dog! I can now redirect any calls, and not be accused of animal neglect! Hooray!

Denzil said...

lets tag him with a gps unit so the owner can track him online!