Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An Iron Chef Movie

Last night at dinner Ed and I were tallying the receipes we had to learn off our father before we came back from tassie...
Then Steph got cocky and suggest that we give Dad an Iron Chef challenge, but it backfired, when I suggested that he be the challenger instead, and make a movie out of it. And the rest of the characters should be as follows: (sorry some double ups here)

Iron Chefs

  • Edmund - Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi
  • Denzil - Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai
  • Stuffed Toy - Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe
  • Kathleen - Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba

  • Judging Panel

  • Denzil - Politician (lower house member) (Shinichiro Kurimoto)
  • Andrew - Rosanjin scholar (Masaaki Hirano)
  • Lulu - Food Critic (Asako Kishi)

  • Iron Chefs Regulars

  • Andrew - Announcer/Commentator (Kenji Fukui)
  • Martin - Commentator (Dr. Yukio Hattori)
  • Eva - (as Chairman Kaga), Host (Takeshi Kaga) (who else are you going to get into ruffles and sequins?)
  • Nigel - Kitchen Reporter (Shinichiro Ohta)

  • Kitchen Stadium will be the kitchens of the challenger and the Chosen Iron Chef, and a little bit of editing and voiceovers will do the trick!

    The Secret Ingredient?
    Well, it wont be truffles or foie gras... and although Chairman Kaga doesn't give it away until the last minute, Eva for the sake of friendships will give some warning.

    What do you guys think?
    Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

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    ADB said...

    Oh, you know I love the rosanjin scholar!! He hasn't been on in a while, though.