Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sore but Fufilling...

I'm a bit late posting this up, however here goes...
last weekend while Steph was in Adelaide, I decided to join the CVA for a bit of volunteer work, but my motives were selfish:
  • See a bit more of Sydney without paying for it
  • A bit of a workout in a nice environment
I chose the Dee Why Headlands Project, And on a beautiful Saturday morning set out with a small team of 6 including a team leader.
The drive was very nice, and the place was amazing. We parked the car inside the park, some snobby rich ladies questioned our right to park there... never mind the fact that we had the key to boom gate...

But we weren't given the keys to the toolbox trailer! Bare Hands or go Surfing/Baking... (didn't pack a cozzie, so bare hands it would be)
It was a 10 min sandstone hopping walk to the site which faced the ocean. and the site was directly under some fantastic houses that would be in the mills. I took some photos while my hands were clean, then got stuck into the work.
The people on the team were lovely, and I did have lots of fun with them. The Scot Alexander was a nice boy, and as a sucker for an accent we listened to him yarn a bit commiserated with the fact that the English were everywhere.
Infact it was as bad as the Ekhart grass we were pulling out and the Sprenger's Asparagus too.
(I forgot to ask why it was named after such a lovely vegetable... if anyone knows please post a comment.)
We broke up shortly after 11am, and it was at this point our esteem leader admitted that he had a hangover, oh dear...
the afternoon was spent lazing around then we all went home.

I could not bend over, all my muscles from the back of me knees up to my left shoulder were stiff! Sitting down involved a gingerly slow motion to prevent the jarring of sore muscles. But after a bath in Epsom salts, and some deep heat ointment I was feeling much better.

Conclusion: Heaps of fun, its lovely going to strange park spaces that I would never otherwise go to, and the people are nice chatters to boot. Will go another time!

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Ian said...

I think your pretty tree is an Illawarra flame tree