Thursday, August 31, 2006

Racoon Eyes?

Today I got a makeover at the Estee Lauder Counter at David Jones, the lady, Maria was lovely but didnt have a clue on how to make up an asian face. Most chinese people dont have that flappy thing above their eye (called a pocket) and as a result most girls try to paint-in a pocket, which is a good idea BUT the pocket is suppose to DISAPPEAR when your eyes are open and on my eyes, it looked like i had a set of closed eyes on top of my real ones. (talk about four eyes...)

So I had to teach her, I mentioned that I liked her makeup, which was nice (and no... not everything on the counter was on her face) and told her that when her eyes were open you could only see a midgen of colour, which was what I wanted. I further emphasised it by saying that I wanted flashing neon lights not full beaming ones.

She ended up putting a bit of colour under my eye, and smudging it upwards along with some colour on the edge of the top lid.

A bit of tinted moisteriser (cant stand caking) and a bit of pink lip gloss (tastes like strawberry sundae, licked off most of it before i got home)

Not bad! Bought the eye shadow, got a free magazine... and waiting for the next freebie :)

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