Saturday, August 12, 2006

How to...

Leave your mother lost for words on her birthday...

Steph's 12 step plan
  1. Contact your father weeks before her birthday, say that your coming down to Adelaide for her birthday, but not to tell her, its a S U R P R I S E.

  2. Help your father create a GMail account so that mother has no idea what time your arriving.

  3. Arrange to arrive the night before the said birthday and have a hide out ready.

  4. A few days before, confirm that mother is working the night before her birthday.

  5. Make sure that everyone knows what's going on, other than your mother, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings etc, but, pardon the pun, but Mum's the word on this one, no one to talk!

  6. Your father leaves a note that he's off to a meeting the night of arrival, when really he's off to pick me up from the Airport.

  7. After arrival, you hang out at the hideout in the hills, and wait till mother has well and truely left for work.

  8. Arrive home, set your bed up and sleep.

  9. Wake up early on the birthday, clean up your mess and make it look like you'd never been there, then just hang out till Mother arrives.

  10. Hide when you see the car reach the bottom of the driveway.

  11. Just as your mother drives into the driveway, call her on her mobile to wish her a happy birthday and engage in small talk, hope that she doesn't quite hear the dogs and my father talking in the background when she walks in the door.

  12. Step into the kitchen whilst still talking to her and watch her jaw drop and look confused and just keep asking, why are you here, how did you get here...
The surprise on her face was amazing, so very totally confused, and happy to see me.

I did something simillar a few years ago, Eva and I, we hired a car and drove from Sydney to Adelaide, arriving in the early hours of Christmas Eve to ring her from the house phone to her mobile, to have her lost for words.

I would like to thank everyone for their part in this, Dad, Serge, Unkl Mark & Anty Sue along with Paul and Lyn for suggesting Dad and I hide out their place till Mum leaves for work.

Silence is golden, but thankfully there were no "loose lips" as the ship wasn't sunk.

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Misty said...

LOL thats totally awesome....what a good son!