Monday, August 28, 2006

He cooked!

I'm so proud of him! My little brother normally a passive in the kitchen had to take over cooking dinner last night. He cooked steamed fish, Chinese veggies and a chicken curry and cooked the rice. Not complex mind you, but he took over the makings of dinner and it was yum :)

So why the take over?

Last night I had the joys of splashing my arm with boiling oil (ouch) with the random dots and big splotch making themselves well known and considering the pain I was in last time when I picked an oven tray out of the oven with no gloves (yep the oven was on...) I immediately ran the burns under cold water... but the delusion of numbness didn't last for long, it took 3 goes, 3 bouts of boredom (sitting under a tap is boring) AND I missed out on my animal fix on channel ten. The previous bout of burning, had me calling home moaning of pain, and as a result my auntie while we were in Hong Kong stocked us up with burn creams (thanks Auntie Ginger!) so gooped up and relatively free of pain I sat down to a lovely dinner and then made some onigari (more on that later!)

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