Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Vi!

Vi, a true foodie, took us out to Jang Won in Campsie to celebrate his "21st birthday" (after 28 everyone reverts backwards in age, with only a brief recognition of 30) ;o)

At first we thought it would be WAYYYYY West but we were pleasantly surprise that it was just past Dulwich Hill, and really around the corner.

But the food! OMG, the pork belly was to die for! Andrew kept asking if i was okaym, everytime I made a sound of delight as the marinated piece of juicy suculent pork belly melted in my mouth. (pause to wipe drool)

The place was quaint and very charming, and you know its authentic when the waiteress and the waiter speak not a word of English! We met Auntie (see photo) the owner of the restaurant and fell in love with her generous and cheery nature. (reminded me of mum)

The food was divine, hot and spicy but not lip pulsating chilli heat. I've included photos of the beef and the pork, both were amazing, the beef had the potato noodles which absorbed the broth and the flavor of the beef, the pork as mention heavenly, and the soups were tasty too, and went well with the red bean rice. Any cusine that does (Tong Loh Farn) (soup mixed with rice) gets brownie points from me!!!
Beef presented at its best, thin slices cooked in a tasty broth,
and the heavenly pork, full of fat and flavour

The tofu which I think was hand made, (certinaly wasn't in cubes) melted in your mouth after a small amount of resitance, and even though it was served in a flaming red sauce was only warming to the tongue.
left: chestnut jelly and right: a roll of Kimchee, beautifully presented

The pickles were perfect, the peanuts the chestnut jelly (refreshing) and the kimchee go the Kimchee!

We are definelty going back! Thanks Vi and Happy Birthday!!!!
Auntie and Vi - aren't they adorable?

Jang Won Restaurant
Anzac Mall
Shop 1, 13 Anglo Rd
Campsie NSW 2194
Phone (02) 9718 0010

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