Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Eva 1 - Bank 0

Over the weekend I hopped onto my internet banking to find my account overdrawn! and a whopping $40 dollar fee!

And what does 40 dollars mean to me? Well it buys my weekly bus ticket and lunches for the week, so bascially my working week survial money, and the bank flicked it out of my account. Thieving bastardos!

The annoying thing was there was plenty of money in the subsidary account that they could have taken the money out of, AND I'm pretty sure in the fine print they said they would.

So today I went into the closest branch and demanded a refund, an arugment set about between the branch manager and myself. AND I WON!!!

I have to admit the branch manager was understanding and acknowledged that a $40 dollar fee was exesssive but claimed that everyone else was doing it to. (ANZ and NAB charge $30)

But who cares! My money has been returned and I am victorious!

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Lulu said...

You go girl! They take enough from us already!