Monday, July 17, 2006

Peter Russell

Been a bit...

But i have to blog a wonderful time had at The Enmore Theatre. Russell Peters was in town!!! (This guy is even wiki-ed)

This Canadian comedian was made famous by video clips of his shows on the internet. And hes particually famous for his skit of a bargining conversation between a chinese and an indian. A Chap at Steph's work ordered tickets and Steph was lucky to purchase 2 for us!

The show was started by Yoshi, a japanese american with some very dirty humour that drew groans, laughter and snickers from the crowd. Then Russell came on. Needless to say our stomachs were hurting with laughter, our hands tender from clapping and our voices hoarse from cheering.

tho there were many highlights my favourite was his limerick,which he claimed his mother taught him:
There was a man from Madrass.
Who's balls were made out of brass,
In stormy weather, they would clang together,
and sparks would fly out his ass!
His mother was there too, and it was nice to see that he looked after her :) And as a comedian i was impressed that he had even put into his skit a bit of a moral/theological lesson.

Another amusing point was while we were waiting to be let into the show, I couldnt help but noticed that the audiecne was approximately 80% indian/asian and 20% caucasiona. So with a grin, i asked Steph,
"So Steph... how does it feel to be a minority?"

Steph looked around and looked a bit disconcerted before laughing helplessly. The English girls behind us, overheard my question and also looked abit worried too.

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