Sunday, July 09, 2006

A lesson well taught

Today, Andrew, Kathleen and myself we wandered off to see The Sydney Swans v The Adelaide Crows on a beautiful Sydney winters day at the SCG.

My early prediction was, Adelaide was going to teach Sydney a lesson in how to play football, and from the 2nd Quarter, they definitely did that walking away with the game, and then in the last, Adelaide took their foot off the gass a little and let Sydney regain some respectability.

One thing that surprises me about Sydney crowds at the footy (no matter which code), you could hear a pin drop they're that quiet, why? Maybe it's not "polite" to cheer for your team excessively. My old flatmate from Canberra called just at the start of the 2nd half and was amazed I could hear him, hahaha Sydney fans just don't know how to cheer, anywhere else you'd have all ages spitting blood at the umpire and the opposing team...

If it wasn't for the cheerful Adelaide supporter making fun of his friends and the rest of the Sydney supporters, it would've been a quiet game.

From the beginning of the 2nd half, the Sydney fans started jumping off their bandwagon, and headed home.

For the record, the final scoreline:

Sydney Swans: 8.14.(62)
Adelaide Crows: 15.11.(101)

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