Friday, June 23, 2006

Ole! Ole! Ole! Ausieee! Ausieee!

I have to say I am very proud of the Socceroos! They faced aversity , derision, dismissal and they held their heads up high and wrote their own section of History in Australian Soccer.

Steph and I went to bed and woke up early to watch the game. The emotions, its such a passionate game! The screams the wail of despair, the disgust. Australians Phyiscal? BAH! Those Croats are just as shocking! So passionate about the game I considered Australia should ban all immigrants from Croatia, but then we equalised, and I love again! Then the shambles of the last 10 mins... My god! What happened? 3 yellow cards?!? The rugby tackle? The handballs? (PLURAL)

On this note i would like to point out that AFL and Rugby would have a fit and scream and shout at the referees, slandering them after TV programs and post game discussions. But the soccer coachs remain civil. I wonder if thats what makes the game so passionate, The role of fate and luck as a bigger sway in the game.

After the game I went to work and stopped by George Street to savor the celebrating crowd. It was amazing!!! The George Park Street interesction was overun with people cheering and chanting.
As soon as red man took the streets back the people happliy dispersed to each corner and shouted Ole! Ole! Ole! Ausieee! Ausieee! or another chant! The Green and Gold decorated everyone, and the cars and trucks joined in beeping joyously, passengers cheering. Anything in yellow or green was roared at! The sight of an Aussie flag or the socceroo emblem was cheered at too!!

It was amazing game and its great to see Aussie backing the beautiful game and the Socceroos

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