Sunday, June 25, 2006

The birth of a Monster

A Few weeks ago we celebrated Stephs birthday and Last Weekend we finally collected his REAL birthday present - A brand new four burner BBQ.

Supplied in 3 huge boxes which managed to fit in the car in a somewhat dubious manner, we piled in along with 2 large palms and 2 birds of Paradises. I also managed to turn my ankle (again) just as we were about the move the bbq out of the car! Thankfully help was around the corner and Nige was able to pause his WOWing to come over and help Steph while I limped around.

The construction took about a day, the afternoon on saturday and sunday morning. Pics below.

Grill, base, legs, wheels then cabinet doors! How hard can it get?

The finished Product

A bit of amusement - The sticker Reads
"Ask About Our New Gas Saftey
Snap Lock SP-7 Available Here"

And it had its first christening that very night...YUM!

Steph cooking Sausages and Pork Chops, Eva made potatos and sweet potato foil buckets to sit in the rack...

And to top it off we had a casual weekend bbq with Team Lentil and Team Burton :)
And tonight we had bbq pork ribs. Ive never eaten so much meat in my life! So tommorrow night im cooking! :) phew!


Misty said...

Is it safe to trust Steph with fire??

Steph said...

Very safe... How else would eveyone eat?