Monday, May 22, 2006

A skyline in your room

Ed can now claim that he has a bedroom with city views! This poster was left behind when an business on another level moved out, which I have admired it ever since I had moved to the Westfield Building. In fact I'm inspired to go out and do my own version! (another project for Eva to play with)
Today Matt one of the Building Guys popped his head in and I remembered the poster and asked if i could have it seeing no one was there anymore and he said "Sure!!! Just go in and grab it!" & talk about lucky!!! because the next day they were going to put holes in the walls poster included!
It looks better on a purple wall so Ed scores a lucky one. And its kinda strange actually rather than paying buckets of money to take a photo on top of some expensive building... I just have to walk into ed's room with a camera and take pics of our famous landmarks.

Harbor Bridge and Opera House . Sydney Tower

World Tower . St Marys Catherdral

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