Monday, April 10, 2006

Sha Tin Yau! Yeah!

image taken from www.vegiworks.comOne good thing about Sydney is that it has almost the same stuff as you can get in Hong Kong… It might be ten times more expensive… but its there.

Today we went 2 minute noodle shopping (after HK we are quite poor) and I ran across a Sha Tin Yau!!! (I bet Dad's Jealous… and now probably yelling at me for paying $7.00/kg)

They look like a huge grapefruit. But not sour… Its quite yummy. It has huge segments, and you eat it like you do an orange but peel off the white stuff. (that stuff is bitter)

In Hong Kong Mum and I happily munched on some that dad peeled while we were waiting for Steph to finish his shower in the hotel.

I have no idea what they are called in english so after a bit of googling ("Sha Tin Yau" and "Chinese Grapefruit") I have found out that they are called Pummelo or Citrus Maxima.

A bit of info from the CDFA
The pummelo is an exotic large citrus fruit that is an ancient ancestor of the common grapefruit. It is the largest of the citrus fruits with a shape that can be fairly round or slightly pointed at one end (the fruit ranges from nearly round to oblate or pear-shaped). They range from cantaloupe-size to as large as a 25-pound watermelon and have very thick, soft rind. The skin is green to yellow and slightly bumpy; flesh color ranges from pink to rose.
Hidden under all the white stuff is the good stuff.
I have never peeled this fruit before and didnt realise how much white stuff there was! it took me a good 10 mins to peel it all off! After you peel off the white stuff you have to segment it. I tried to break it open with hands, but it was too hard and i had to cut it instead. Then break off a segment and peel off the skin. Its drier than a orange so theres no worry about juice dribbling everywhere...
Peeling a segment free
Steph didn’t get any in Hong Kong so this is his first try of this fruit! And he liked it, so much he was lying on the floor reaching up to the plate to pick up some fruit, to feast on while watching telly!

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