Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Thankyou!

I love Hong Kong for lots of reasons, the variety not only with the shopping, but the eating as well, the people, even though they might be in a hurry to be somewhere yesterday, they'll always say "Hello" and smile regardless whether they speak English or not.

But alas, being a westerner, walking down some of the streets, namely Nathan Street, every 20 metres or so, I get asked from the local Indian pedlers...

Hello boss, copy watch, handbag, shoes, suite tie?

My standard response the first few days I was here was "no thankyou" followed by a smile and then they'd stop asking me. Now, I'm not only keeping an eye on the throng before me, I'm watching out for the crafty little blighters and trying ever so hard to avoid them, and should they open their mouth, it's straight away NO!

I'm tempted to have a T-Shirt made...

No Copy Watch!
No Handbag!
No Suit!
No Shoes!
No Tie!

Like I told your cousins down the road, I'm not interested in Copy Watch, Handbag, Suit, Tie or Shoes, Thankyou, come again!

Eva suggested that a bath in Soya Sauce should fix the problem... I'm almost tempted! Thankfully the Indians seem to be localised to Tsim Sha Tsui

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