Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whooo Hooo!

The excitment level rises to soaring levels, as Eva screams with estatic excitement!!!!


OH MY GOD! This has a great selection of rock songs!

Song 2 by Blur! (I have a REAL urge to head bang...) The Classic Paint It, Black by the Rolling Stones. More famously known as the theme song for the TV Series Tour of Duty. Ive always known this as the Vietnam War Song... For 80's lovers Winds of Change! And lastly for the patrioic (Looking at Andrew) There is Down Under by Men at Work.

For a complete list please see below....

And I managed to find the url for the Intro video clip! Love it!!! The old couple on the balcony are hilarious!!! i can see this happening in the South-excluding hurstville! (they would probably be playing canto versions anyway and take it wayyyy tooooo seriously!) Its as good as the first advertising clip with Jamelia's Superstar!


So i'll give out date details later but prep up your the oldest t-shirts in your wardrobe, jeans and sneakers! Anyone in a skirt will be sent back with a note citing Wardrobe Error!

The Song List for SingStar ROCKS!!!!


Song 2

Bowling For Soup



Speed of Sound

Deep Purple

Smoke On The Water


April Sun In Cuba

End Of Fashion

Oh Yeah

Franz Ferdinand

Do You Want To


Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia)


Hard Act To Follow

Gwen Stefani

What You Waiting For?


Celebrity Skin


Never Tear Us Apart


Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Killing Heidi

I Am

Men At Work

Down Under


Come As You Are


(Baby I've Got You) On My Mind


These Days


Wind Of Change



The Cardigans

My Favourite Game

The Church

The Unguarded Moment

The Exponents

Why Does Love Do This To Me

The Killers

Somebody Told Me

The Offspring


The Rolling Stones

Paint It, Black

The Screaming Jets


The Swingers

Counting The Beat

The Veronicas


Thin Lizzy

The Boys Are Back In Town

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Special Day

Today 2 very special people announced to the world they were "offically off the market" (in a nice kinda way! :) In the beautiful Mt Dandeongs, South-east of Melbourne, Gregor and Dinh promised each other a lifetime of happiness together.

And Steph and I are honoured to share that special moment with them.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Branding In HK

its taken me a while to get these on the web...

On the bridge above Ladies Market we espied an interesting floral shop

I love this logo! A little shop in Langsham Place in Mong Kok... It was a sunday and early so it wasnt open yet... Sold children clothing

After dealing with the indians on Nathan Road (GRR!) I can post this to spite them all...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter time

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope everyone is devouring chocolate goodies today!

For my egg input I thought I would make Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs.

The variation of recepiese on the web are amazing! Some with just tea leaves and aniseed stars up to one with all sorts of medical chinese ingredients! Scary!

So rather than make fake tea eggs i thought i would wing it a bit...

So after boiling the eggs in salted water and then cracking the shells after they had cooled. I gathered a pile of chinese herbs along with a few star ainseeds and cinammon sticks, some dark soy, sugar and light soy, and 2 tablespoons of Pu-Erh/Bow-Lei brought it all to the boil then placed the boiled cracked eggs in for a spa simmer.

And here they are having a bit of a sauna (too hard to take photos of eggs in spas)

And heres the end product... Taste? Pretty Good!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Eva's Bowl of Gyu-Don.. Mine! Mine! Mine!Gyu-Don -
The Traditional
Japanese Beef Bowl
1 x 400g Thinly Sliced Beef (Chinese stores have it for sale in their frozen section.) while frozen roughly separate into slices
1 1/3cups of Dashi Stock
5 tbs of Soya Sauce
3 tbs of Mirin
2 tbs of Sugar
1 tbs of Sake
1 onion, thinly sliced

Method:Yummy Sauce!
Make the sauce by combining all the ingredients (except the beef and onion) and bring to boil. Then add the onion and reduce to a simmer. When the onion is soft, bring back to boil and add the beef, stir until beef is cook. then serve over a big bowl of steamed rice with generous ladle of the sauce.

Today I tried to match the famous Yoshinoya Gyu-don bowls tonight. I failed, but it was still pretty good! I didnt realise how easy it was to make these yummy bowls of goodies! I got this recipe from Setsuko Yoshizuka, its does taste great!

Three Bowls of Gyu-Don for Steph Eva and EdEva's comments

I would use brown sugar next time, I have heard it is sweeter than white sugar, and long grain rice does not do this meal justice... Will splurge out and get proper sushi rice. And cook up some chinese veggies.

I had Edmund waiting for the final touches, and his face got rather distressed when I said he couldnt touch while I took photos!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sha Tin Yau! Yeah!

image taken from www.vegiworks.comOne good thing about Sydney is that it has almost the same stuff as you can get in Hong Kong… It might be ten times more expensive… but its there.

Today we went 2 minute noodle shopping (after HK we are quite poor) and I ran across a Sha Tin Yau!!! (I bet Dad's Jealous… and now probably yelling at me for paying $7.00/kg)

They look like a huge grapefruit. But not sour… Its quite yummy. It has huge segments, and you eat it like you do an orange but peel off the white stuff. (that stuff is bitter)

In Hong Kong Mum and I happily munched on some that dad peeled while we were waiting for Steph to finish his shower in the hotel.

I have no idea what they are called in english so after a bit of googling ("Sha Tin Yau" and "Chinese Grapefruit") I have found out that they are called Pummelo or Citrus Maxima.

A bit of info from the CDFA
The pummelo is an exotic large citrus fruit that is an ancient ancestor of the common grapefruit. It is the largest of the citrus fruits with a shape that can be fairly round or slightly pointed at one end (the fruit ranges from nearly round to oblate or pear-shaped). They range from cantaloupe-size to as large as a 25-pound watermelon and have very thick, soft rind. The skin is green to yellow and slightly bumpy; flesh color ranges from pink to rose.
Hidden under all the white stuff is the good stuff.
I have never peeled this fruit before and didnt realise how much white stuff there was! it took me a good 10 mins to peel it all off! After you peel off the white stuff you have to segment it. I tried to break it open with hands, but it was too hard and i had to cut it instead. Then break off a segment and peel off the skin. Its drier than a orange so theres no worry about juice dribbling everywhere...
Peeling a segment free
Steph didn’t get any in Hong Kong so this is his first try of this fruit! And he liked it, so much he was lying on the floor reaching up to the plate to pick up some fruit, to feast on while watching telly!

More info

5 day holiday coming right up!

I got to work today to find out that the office is to be closed on Thursday this week!
Add Good Friday the weekend and Easter Monday and Eva has a five day holiday!

pity shes broke and crook from HK... oh well theres always sleep....

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sick at home

The docotor's declared it was just an upper respiratory tract infection and has ordered me home to bed and rest for the rest of the week.

I feel a bit better but tire easily... think i will continue taking the rest of the week off and relax at home.

No one deserves this nasty cold.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We're Home! Sniff

We're back in Sydney! So much to write about. So tired -_-

I've got a head cold... if I start clucking - get worrying...

seeing doctors tommorrow


As per usual we spent the last of our HK money at the Ichiban Store at the HK Airport, so entering Australia and going through customs we had to declare that we had food...

Customs: What kinda of food do you have?
Eva: Chocolate!
Customs: Do you have any meat products?
Eva: No.
Customs: Do you have any milk products?
Eva: Yes! Milk Chocolate!

The customs officer redirected us to the Nothing to Delcare line for luggage scanning.

No kath, we didnt bring in any snake wine or plants or birds nest, so we wont be featuring on that show you love to hate...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Thankyou!

I love Hong Kong for lots of reasons, the variety not only with the shopping, but the eating as well, the people, even though they might be in a hurry to be somewhere yesterday, they'll always say "Hello" and smile regardless whether they speak English or not.

But alas, being a westerner, walking down some of the streets, namely Nathan Street, every 20 metres or so, I get asked from the local Indian pedlers...

Hello boss, copy watch, handbag, shoes, suite tie?

My standard response the first few days I was here was "no thankyou" followed by a smile and then they'd stop asking me. Now, I'm not only keeping an eye on the throng before me, I'm watching out for the crafty little blighters and trying ever so hard to avoid them, and should they open their mouth, it's straight away NO!

I'm tempted to have a T-Shirt made...

No Copy Watch!
No Handbag!
No Suit!
No Shoes!
No Tie!

Like I told your cousins down the road, I'm not interested in Copy Watch, Handbag, Suit, Tie or Shoes, Thankyou, come again!

Eva suggested that a bath in Soya Sauce should fix the problem... I'm almost tempted! Thankfully the Indians seem to be localised to Tsim Sha Tsui

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The wedding...

was wonderful! magical! and unforgetable... And we got these little mint packets to remember the event by. Photos to be uploaded later