Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wai from Hong Kong

Finally I've managed to find myself an internet cafe her in Hong Kong.

For my Mother and Father that have been worried that I haven't been updating the blog since we arrived, sorry, no internet cafe to visit.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I love Hong Kong, such a vibrant colourful city alive with some good and some bad smells, and no way near as dirty as I though it would be! There's a crazy mix of new and old, old is definitely time to tear down and build new, but without that, it HK doesn't have it's character.

As for food, I haven't stopped eating since we arrived, if Uncle has his way, we'd be still stuck in some restaurant eating! But I've done everything that I said that I wouldn't, I've eaten 3 types of Fowl (Chicken, Goose & Duck, strangely goose tastes a lot like duck, just milder), various types of sea food, and various four legged animals too.

Besides the food, we've done a half day tour of HK which encompassed Stanley Markets (and yes, I got fleeced much to Eva's disgust), Victoria peak (and got fleeced again) and got about 15 minutes of viewing time and then the weather closed in, Aberdeen fishing village and did a 20 minutes cruise on a cool little boat in amongst the house boats. We've done heaps of shopping and am wondering how we'll get back. Yesterday we went to the Ladies Market, and picked up some cheap stuff, very cheap, also we got to the Fish street also.

Today we caught the Star Ferry across to HK island and met up with Ming Ye, one of Eva's aunts.

We've also done loads of walking, my feet are very sore, and am always glad to find the rock hard bed at night.

There's loads of photos, but am unable to upload any as yet.

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Kathleen said...

Ahh, so jealous! sounds like you guys are having a great time. you'll have to make sure you have some pidgeon before you leave and try to get yourself to a really nice seafood restaurant.

Steph - how's your cantonese going?