Thursday, March 23, 2006

So Organized

Well travel insurance is done! After searching the net, wading through multiple quotes we ended up with one from underwritten by allianz australia.

But while reading the fine print Steph and I were rather amused by what the conditions where policy wouldnt cover us.

General Exclusions Applicable to all Sections

We will not pay for any of the following losses:

  1. Consequential loss of any nature including loss of enjoyment. "ie get rained on, get pissed off, no money"
  2. A loss that arises from any act of war – whether war is declared or not – or from any rebellion, revolution, insurrection or taking of power by the military. "Revolution in Hong Kong?"
  3. A loss that arises from a nuclear reaction or contamination from nuclear weapons or radioactivity. "If I come back green and it affects my job will I be compensated? Nope"
  4. A loss that arises from biological and or chemical material(s), substance(s), compound(s) or the like used directly or indirectly for the purpose to harm or to destroy human life and or create public fear. "So if is a chemical leak by accident im covered, but if it was caused by a terrorist im not."
Oh before i forget... Steph you still need to get the beer

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