Friday, March 31, 2006

Hong Kong and Ocean Park

Hooray! Auntie Ming has lent us her spare laptop so i am able to wirelessly connect from the comfort of our hotel room!

Today we spent the day at Ocean Park, We enjoyed the goldfish padago, (they are big things, the must get better food than Revlon and Jaws) We met the 2 pandas, Jie Jie and An An. The pandas had just come out and Jie Jie was asleep on her wooden terrace while An An was busy munching on bamboo. Then Jie Jie woke up (we all rushed back and watched her stroll around her pen before heading back into her hidey hole. Very exclusive. While An An sat 3 metres from us and munched on the bamboo provided! it was very cute!

We went to the dinasaour exhibition, (T-rex moves). huge white big head crap and some baby crocs (insert typical Australian Saying) and then to the butterfly house (steph spent hours here snapping away). after that we saw the dolphins learning to swim upside down. They were taught in pairs, one older one younger. The younger one didnt get the gist of the task so he got no fish but the older one got plenty and was definelty a pro at swimming upside down.

Unfortunately due to SARs and the Bird Flu, most of the birds were locked away and the Dolphin Theatre was also closed so we couldnt see any performances. But we did take the cable car up to the highlands, meet the Seals, and found a seal hat! We both turns at wearing it and imitating that feared expression prior to polar bear launch.

The shark exibition was lovely, a bit small for the size of the sharks in there. I hope there is a bigger tank for them to swan around in. The ray was very impressive. spanning over 2 metres it would swim up against the glass, blinding us with its white belly.

The Atoll reef is still there, the fish as big as ever. Nothing was smaller than the size of my palm. We saw groupers, butterfly fishes, triggers, surgeons, TUNA - blue, yellow, bonito (mm!) sharks and a very cute turtle.

The atoll had tired us out, (screaming kids and chinese men declaring the edibility of the fishes in the tank got rather repeatitive after a while.) but we had enough energy to do the Raging River ride. In a plastic imitaiton log we were knocked about by strange flowing water before being swept down a very steep hill. There is a classic photo of us that i couldnt resist purchasing. I doubt steph will let me put it on the web... but its hilarioulsy funny.

I sat in the front got rather drenched but the adrenaline rush did wake us up enough to go down to middle kingdom for a chinese history fix. (again steph did a happy snap smorgasboard and Lu i now understand the frustration you go through when denzil goes off his snapper)

After ocean park we came back and passed out in the hotel before dinner with 1/3 of the family and Mari's Parents and sister Miki. Its Dad's birthday next sunday so we had a cake at the same time it was Cowe Moh's (Micheal and Felix's Mum's) birthday too so we had a bit of a birthday dessert buffet. The restaurant specalises in mini cakes and steph and i were able to take a few cute photos of them which we will upload later.

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