Sunday, March 05, 2006

Korean BBQ

Last night we joined Denzil, Lulu, Michael and Yvonne to celebrate the return of Belinda from England…

We travelled down to Hurstville to feast on the All you can eat Korean BBQ. The food was delicious! Their marinated scotch was very yum and they even had sushi to cleanse the palete but who are we kidding. You have KBBQ for the meat child the MEAT!!

Denzil and Micheal had one burner and We had the other one… it was rather fun to see that they went straight for the seafood, smothering the grill with octopus and squid. We has smothered ours with meat. But it soon swapped around and then became a mish mash of food.

I found some fresh sliced mushrooms and took KBBQ a bit further. And cooked garlicy mushrooms. But mushrooms require steam to cook. Hence the garlic bread on top and the mussel shell on the side, the steam captured and the essence of garlic mingled with seafood and the cooked meat on the griddle. The bread absorbed the moisture leaving the mushrooms soft not soggy.

Ha! I can be iron chef too!

Well fed and totally stuffed we rolled out of the restaurant wearing the new perfume of BBQ and characol.

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