Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jolly Pong

No its not a fancy word for Fart.

Its my latest purchase from a Korean Shop. My last purchase was sweet corn ice cream which produced a dubious look from steph when offered to him.

This time it was Jolly Pong... It is named from jolly and pong. or so the website says. That begs the question who is Jolly and who is Pong? It turns out that there are mascots for this ceral brand and they even have their own set of wallpapers! you know youve made it when you have your own set of wallpapers... (only works with ie, firefox freaks it out) Theres even one when Pong? or maybe its Jolly does a Nemo imitation!

And lets be honest it was really just Puffed Wheat. But it was yummy enough for Steph to finish off 1/2 the packet before i had even had a chance to blog the stuff.

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