Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yesterday i fell flat on my face on the zebra crossing in kings cross... in front of 2 cars! a bar full of epeople and a couple of tourist...

It was bad... teeth clenching pain... Now my left ankle is swollen and tingled blue... I limp but walk better when in stilettos.

Incidently i was wearing ankle boots, with a 1 inch heel! and 1 inch foot print! and i twist my ankles all the time it them! Well yesterday was the last straw! they are going in the bin!

Funny enough put me in 3 inch stilettos and i can dance, run and swirl about without a breakage.

1 comment:

Lulu said...

ouch.. hope you're ok?
I've done a few of those my self - only difference is I fell up some stairs instead of down them (dont ask me how)!
It looks as though stiletos are the go!