Friday, March 03, 2006

beep beep beep to whoop whoop whoop!

Today we had a Physical fire evacuation. and it landed on my head (minus the dusty fire hat) to be the floor warden (cos i picked up the phone).

Ring ring...
Eva: Hi!!!!!
Fireman: Errr. please assemble all officewardens and people on the floor. then pick up this phone to ring me back
Eva: Umm Okay! (hangs up)
Eva: (Hollering) Everyone here? you guys got all your people out of their offices..
Everyone: murmers and giggles
Eva: (Picks up phone) Hiho! we're all here!
Fireman: Does anyone have a disability?
Eva: (looks at the crowd) Nope they all have 2 legs. (I nearly shouted out "is anyone crippled?" but thought best to keep that inside my head)
Fireman: Proceed to evacuate and call me when they have all left
(Eva forgets to call fireman back...)

Needless to say - I failed. Floor 7 sucked big time in the process. But it wasnt my fault. i didn't know the procedure! (honest! i forgot about the training session) or it might have been my attitude...

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