Friday, March 31, 2006

Hong Kong and Ocean Park

Hooray! Auntie Ming has lent us her spare laptop so i am able to wirelessly connect from the comfort of our hotel room!

Today we spent the day at Ocean Park, We enjoyed the goldfish padago, (they are big things, the must get better food than Revlon and Jaws) We met the 2 pandas, Jie Jie and An An. The pandas had just come out and Jie Jie was asleep on her wooden terrace while An An was busy munching on bamboo. Then Jie Jie woke up (we all rushed back and watched her stroll around her pen before heading back into her hidey hole. Very exclusive. While An An sat 3 metres from us and munched on the bamboo provided! it was very cute!

We went to the dinasaour exhibition, (T-rex moves). huge white big head crap and some baby crocs (insert typical Australian Saying) and then to the butterfly house (steph spent hours here snapping away). after that we saw the dolphins learning to swim upside down. They were taught in pairs, one older one younger. The younger one didnt get the gist of the task so he got no fish but the older one got plenty and was definelty a pro at swimming upside down.

Unfortunately due to SARs and the Bird Flu, most of the birds were locked away and the Dolphin Theatre was also closed so we couldnt see any performances. But we did take the cable car up to the highlands, meet the Seals, and found a seal hat! We both turns at wearing it and imitating that feared expression prior to polar bear launch.

The shark exibition was lovely, a bit small for the size of the sharks in there. I hope there is a bigger tank for them to swan around in. The ray was very impressive. spanning over 2 metres it would swim up against the glass, blinding us with its white belly.

The Atoll reef is still there, the fish as big as ever. Nothing was smaller than the size of my palm. We saw groupers, butterfly fishes, triggers, surgeons, TUNA - blue, yellow, bonito (mm!) sharks and a very cute turtle.

The atoll had tired us out, (screaming kids and chinese men declaring the edibility of the fishes in the tank got rather repeatitive after a while.) but we had enough energy to do the Raging River ride. In a plastic imitaiton log we were knocked about by strange flowing water before being swept down a very steep hill. There is a classic photo of us that i couldnt resist purchasing. I doubt steph will let me put it on the web... but its hilarioulsy funny.

I sat in the front got rather drenched but the adrenaline rush did wake us up enough to go down to middle kingdom for a chinese history fix. (again steph did a happy snap smorgasboard and Lu i now understand the frustration you go through when denzil goes off his snapper)

After ocean park we came back and passed out in the hotel before dinner with 1/3 of the family and Mari's Parents and sister Miki. Its Dad's birthday next sunday so we had a cake at the same time it was Cowe Moh's (Micheal and Felix's Mum's) birthday too so we had a bit of a birthday dessert buffet. The restaurant specalises in mini cakes and steph and i were able to take a few cute photos of them which we will upload later.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ooooh! OUCH!

After our flight to HK, I was definitely feeling quite sore, and sorry for myself and let it slip that I would like to have a massage, so Ming yee organized for Eva, myself, Auntie & herself to venture off to a beauty parlor.

All was good until, I was asked to shower and get on the table. The massuse I had was Anne, and she was fantastic! Squeezing ooh! And ahhs! Out of me much to the amusement of not only Eva & the crew, but to the staff also!

I swear Anne, with many years of experience, had me wincing in pain, but good pain. Needless to say, I'm quite sore today!

I just wonder how I will fare @ Ocean park today...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wai from Hong Kong

Finally I've managed to find myself an internet cafe her in Hong Kong.

For my Mother and Father that have been worried that I haven't been updating the blog since we arrived, sorry, no internet cafe to visit.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I love Hong Kong, such a vibrant colourful city alive with some good and some bad smells, and no way near as dirty as I though it would be! There's a crazy mix of new and old, old is definitely time to tear down and build new, but without that, it HK doesn't have it's character.

As for food, I haven't stopped eating since we arrived, if Uncle has his way, we'd be still stuck in some restaurant eating! But I've done everything that I said that I wouldn't, I've eaten 3 types of Fowl (Chicken, Goose & Duck, strangely goose tastes a lot like duck, just milder), various types of sea food, and various four legged animals too.

Besides the food, we've done a half day tour of HK which encompassed Stanley Markets (and yes, I got fleeced much to Eva's disgust), Victoria peak (and got fleeced again) and got about 15 minutes of viewing time and then the weather closed in, Aberdeen fishing village and did a 20 minutes cruise on a cool little boat in amongst the house boats. We've done heaps of shopping and am wondering how we'll get back. Yesterday we went to the Ladies Market, and picked up some cheap stuff, very cheap, also we got to the Fish street also.

Today we caught the Star Ferry across to HK island and met up with Ming Ye, one of Eva's aunts.

We've also done loads of walking, my feet are very sore, and am always glad to find the rock hard bed at night.

There's loads of photos, but am unable to upload any as yet.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

So Organized

Well travel insurance is done! After searching the net, wading through multiple quotes we ended up with one from underwritten by allianz australia.

But while reading the fine print Steph and I were rather amused by what the conditions where policy wouldnt cover us.

General Exclusions Applicable to all Sections

We will not pay for any of the following losses:

  1. Consequential loss of any nature including loss of enjoyment. "ie get rained on, get pissed off, no money"
  2. A loss that arises from any act of war – whether war is declared or not – or from any rebellion, revolution, insurrection or taking of power by the military. "Revolution in Hong Kong?"
  3. A loss that arises from a nuclear reaction or contamination from nuclear weapons or radioactivity. "If I come back green and it affects my job will I be compensated? Nope"
  4. A loss that arises from biological and or chemical material(s), substance(s), compound(s) or the like used directly or indirectly for the purpose to harm or to destroy human life and or create public fear. "So if is a chemical leak by accident im covered, but if it was caused by a terrorist im not."
Oh before i forget... Steph you still need to get the beer

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


We're organised!

This is us at 3 days to go...

Well, atleast Steph pulled the suitcases out :O)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Crippled - Part 2

Last night I had my treetrunk ankle on ice ($4 buck for 5kgs of ice for one ankle) , to reduce the swelling. and I also bought a heavy wrapping to give it a bit of support.

I have a bit of a sore hip now from swing up on it in order to move my left leg. and I've worked out that this only happens when im wearing flat shoes. So stilettos are still the way to go.

But with the wrapping on and the stillettos it looks rather alarmingly cute, its like im wearing little socks and high heels.

The good news is that the wrapping and the ice have reduced the swelling and now I stomp the foot down rather than dragging it behind me when I walk.

Life is worth living after all...

Yesterday Steph and I drove home from my workplace (busted ankle = car to work) and my heart stopped beating as we got to the corner of Mandible and Botany Road!!!

OMG! the gates were opened! the sign had been torn off!

Could it be true? My nivarna had reopened? Today I called the Rockman's head office and was told that there wasnt an opening date yet but it would be reopening soon!!


God loves me hehehe!

Im going to zip by on Saturday and see whats happening. Will keep you informed!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yesterday i fell flat on my face on the zebra crossing in kings cross... in front of 2 cars! a bar full of epeople and a couple of tourist...

It was bad... teeth clenching pain... Now my left ankle is swollen and tingled blue... I limp but walk better when in stilettos.

Incidently i was wearing ankle boots, with a 1 inch heel! and 1 inch foot print! and i twist my ankles all the time it them! Well yesterday was the last straw! they are going in the bin!

Funny enough put me in 3 inch stilettos and i can dance, run and swirl about without a breakage.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Easter is coming...

and Hurstville gets an extra special reminder...

There's a huge Lindt Bunny sitting in the stage area of Westfield - along with a Bunny-fied Smart car.

Now this takes "Ricing" to a more appealing gourmet level...

Can i have another E please?

I'm looking forward to more of these in HK...


The delicous goodies of a picnic! Together with Lu and Denz, Kath and Andrew, Vee and CC we gather in Oatley Park for a gourmastic feast of delicous food.

A lovely day! a bit hot but great company and yummy food make it all worth while.

CC impressed us with a freshly tossed salad (see bag with tongs) of rocket, roasted red onions, and butter beans? with a light dressing which was divine! There were Chicken wings, pasta salad, Sandwiches

Vee brought some delicious fetta in olive oil, and the cheese soulfee (seen right at the back was the most yummy gourmet cheesy toast, (with puff pastry) Oh it was all so yum!

Never thought I'd say it...


12 Days out, after checking the flight details and updating my & Eva's frequent flyer numbers for our booking, I noticed a glaring mistake...

Auntie Cathy's name was spelt so completely wrong, Some how, whoever booked the flight, spelt Auntie's name "Catxy".

Lucky I found it now, rather than at the airport.

Thanks Qantas and your website for allowing me to update the flight details!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fashion Statement

I don't know that equals... but it sure as hell is interesting... I saw a girl in the local pub wearing this getup under a mini skirt...

Im not sure whats worse.... plastic smelly feet, or corrugated ankles

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Jolly Pong

No its not a fancy word for Fart.

Its my latest purchase from a Korean Shop. My last purchase was sweet corn ice cream which produced a dubious look from steph when offered to him.

This time it was Jolly Pong... It is named from jolly and pong. or so the website says. That begs the question who is Jolly and who is Pong? It turns out that there are mascots for this ceral brand and they even have their own set of wallpapers! you know youve made it when you have your own set of wallpapers... (only works with ie, firefox freaks it out) Theres even one when Pong? or maybe its Jolly does a Nemo imitation!

And lets be honest it was really just Puffed Wheat. But it was yummy enough for Steph to finish off 1/2 the packet before i had even had a chance to blog the stuff.

Korean BBQ

Last night we joined Denzil, Lulu, Michael and Yvonne to celebrate the return of Belinda from England…

We travelled down to Hurstville to feast on the All you can eat Korean BBQ. The food was delicious! Their marinated scotch was very yum and they even had sushi to cleanse the palete but who are we kidding. You have KBBQ for the meat child the MEAT!!

Denzil and Micheal had one burner and We had the other one… it was rather fun to see that they went straight for the seafood, smothering the grill with octopus and squid. We has smothered ours with meat. But it soon swapped around and then became a mish mash of food.

I found some fresh sliced mushrooms and took KBBQ a bit further. And cooked garlicy mushrooms. But mushrooms require steam to cook. Hence the garlic bread on top and the mussel shell on the side, the steam captured and the essence of garlic mingled with seafood and the cooked meat on the griddle. The bread absorbed the moisture leaving the mushrooms soft not soggy.

Ha! I can be iron chef too!

Well fed and totally stuffed we rolled out of the restaurant wearing the new perfume of BBQ and characol.

Friday, March 03, 2006

beep beep beep to whoop whoop whoop!

Today we had a Physical fire evacuation. and it landed on my head (minus the dusty fire hat) to be the floor warden (cos i picked up the phone).

Ring ring...
Eva: Hi!!!!!
Fireman: Errr. please assemble all officewardens and people on the floor. then pick up this phone to ring me back
Eva: Umm Okay! (hangs up)
Eva: (Hollering) Everyone here? you guys got all your people out of their offices..
Everyone: murmers and giggles
Eva: (Picks up phone) Hiho! we're all here!
Fireman: Does anyone have a disability?
Eva: (looks at the crowd) Nope they all have 2 legs. (I nearly shouted out "is anyone crippled?" but thought best to keep that inside my head)
Fireman: Proceed to evacuate and call me when they have all left
(Eva forgets to call fireman back...)

Needless to say - I failed. Floor 7 sucked big time in the process. But it wasnt my fault. i didn't know the procedure! (honest! i forgot about the training session) or it might have been my attitude...

Hyde Park Sightings

Every day i have to cross through hyde park near the fountain to get to work and every now and then ill see something different, new and rather amusingly quirky.

Today it was a homeless bum reading the Harvey Norman Sales Catalogue. I know so as i was looking at the same catalogue on the bus to work!

I wonder where he was going to put his brand new side by side fridge? under the gum tree? or prehaps under the ramp in cook and phillip park? And electricity? hrm... no doubt theyll find a power point somewhere... They may STINK but they are resourceful.

Will post photo up later.