Tuesday, February 21, 2006


You think your problems with workplace IT are bad, try this on for size...

You know the local area network icon in system tray, this goon thought he was on the internet "live", panicked and swiftly disabled it, worked out that things weren't working as they probably should, rebooted his machine and wondered why he couldn't log back in with the error: tree or server cannot be found...

Luckily for me, he remembered what he'd done and I was able to talk him through reversing his self administration.

It just amazes me how these people can not get embarrassed about what they did, call up and expect us to pick up the pieces when swearing that they've not done a thing to cause this.


Denzil said...

Users... shouldn't have any sort of admin rights!!!

Heck why do they think they need computers!?!?

Gimmie instead.

Steph said...

Are you sure you want these computers though?

With lease period of 5 years? And some of them are the Prehistoric period of the Pentium 2 or early Pentium 3.