Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Housewarming Party

Went off with a hit! Plenty of people popped over to check out the new digs! We got to see lots of people we hadn't seen for ages! Definitely got to have everyone over more often! (maybe after we purchase another sofaƂ… (Insert Steph's groan)

Steph and I hired a BBQ the guys at were ribbing me because i had a Tasmanian Drivers licence. They almost didn't accept it as the proof of address was required. Lucky i walk around with bankstatements in my handbag! But it was a great hire!

Steph the house chef used it to produce lovley sausages, chicken wings, and some lamb chops. We also barbecued some veggies, which were actually really really nice!

We had loads of dips, everyone bought yummy salads. :) Nigel made a gorgeous Pan Dan Cake, made with the pandan leaf, it makes the cake a lovely spring green on the inside (see photo) Many girls were amazed at Nigels cooking skills and requested the recipe but Nigel kept his secret recipie under wraps!

OMG! Kris and Rob came over! Kris looked great! And much taller than we remember her... Thankyou for stopping by! We shall have you over another time for Kareoke and games. (I was too excited to take photos SORRY!!!!)

Pep and Nix dropped by, Nix had just come back from Italy and looked very happy and Pep looking divine as always!

Gregor introduced us to a lovely german tradition of house warming. A loaf of bread, so the house may never know hunger, a jar of salt so life will always have flavour and a coin so that fortune will always come. We were very touched.

After a hot day in front of the BBQ I got everyone magnums and we sat in the living and outside enjoying our icecreams

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! It was lovley to have you all over!
Thank you for coming :)


Eva said...

And that thing popping out of the top of my head is where i go to refuel my brain! haha!

not its really the nozzle for the CO2 reactor for the plants in that tank

Lulu said...

Happy Housewarming!
Thanks for a great bbq guys.

Kathleen said...

yeah, great bbq guys. when's the next one?!