Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bodhi - The Yumcha of Serentiy with a huge dose of reality

We caught up with Dinh, Gregor and Kathleen for a bite to eat, and as Dinh is vegetarian and we wanted to try something new - Bodhi was chosen for the occasion

Bodhi is a delight, well hidden, overlooking a park full of big trees, these pretty white finger flowers and the occasional ibis.

We arrived a bit late, thanks to CityRail, but got there just as the first lot of food arrived! And yum! The sweet corn dumplings, and the sticky rice balls were delicious! The shitake mushrooms steamed with foo-jook in oyster sauce was divine!

The tofu dimsims were a bit mushy for my liking…. And the Kai Lan was a bit old to be steamed…

But everything else was lovely! It was quiet, you could talk, and the dappled sun and fresh breezes were refreshing and very soul purifying… It was a spot of Zen as we discussed the problems of the world and solved them with a wave of our hands.

Also the service was quite quick! We were all very full within 30mins! And had chosen desserts of fried sesame balls filled with caramelised toasted coconut, sugar bun balls with yellow bean paste, and tapioca custard…

Then it happened…

The downside of bodhi is that its located close to Woolloomooloo, which has a very high homeless bum population. And we met one of these distasteful creatures, who must have swallowed 6 crown larger before spewing them all out in front of us!!! You could hear it splashing on the concrete at her feet! It was disgusting!!! The owner rather distressed tried to shoo her off, to which she claimed that "she was pregnant!" She was drinking alchol for @#$k sake!!!

However we were distressed and asked for the bill 3 times. And left, only to see the same woman sitting at another table SMOKING!!! We told the owner that the same lady was back and Owner shocked ran out to shoo her off again.

I swear that some people should be born with their tubes tied.

Needless to say we are sticking to yumcha where there are walls. The Chinese waiters may be rude, the noise may be deafening but we get to keep our appetites.

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