Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Planning is underway!

Today has been a rather busy day, sick or not, Eva dragged me out to East lakes, and after a few frenzied phone calls to her parents in Hobart, we started getting some prices on Flights and accommodation in Hong Kong.

Due to this cold, I can't hear properly and just generally feel like crap, so I extend my apologies to the kind Travel Agents we visited if I looked bored by the whole experience.

I think Eva likes the Concourse Hotel, not only for it's vicinity to the local MRT station, but for it's Lilac Facade.

We did however spend a little money on some travel books to help us out with what to do and see. We bought TimeOut: Hong Kong, Macau & Guangzhou as well as Loney Planet Best of Hong Kong, The ultimate Pocket Guide & Map. Both books should shed some light on all I need to get myself into trouble and back out again.

The real reason why we're going, is to celebrate the wedding of Eva's cousin Michael and his fiance, but this won't stop us doing some sight seeing and doing lots of SHOPPING!

It's now officially 80 days till we leave.

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Kathleen said...

Kewl!!!!! How long are you going for?