Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Eve

As 2005 came to a close, Eva and I departed Adelaide at 0600 hrs, with a 0330 hrs wakeup, we made it to Sydney somewhere around 0900 hrs. Glad to be home we unpacked the Christmas present haul, and wallow in the furnace that is our appartment.

Eva eventually found the bed and passed out after a cold shower.

We'd organised with Andrew & Kathleen to catch up for the fireworks on Sydney Harbour, Winnie also joined us.

At midnight I set the camera to take a photo every 5 seconds, here are some of those photos, pitty I can't seem to keep my hands steady, so some of them are a little shaky. Next time, I'll buy a tripod or a Monopod to help with my unsteady hand!

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