Thursday, January 19, 2006

FoodBlog: Strange Food

I love Japanese food and Korean food, I love their junkfood! Its all brightly coloured, covered in gibberish and you have no idea what its going to taste like or do!

Today I found Sweet Corn Ice Cream! Yup, what Aussie throw on the barbeque, slathered with butter, salt and pepper, Chinese puree and add chicken to make soup. Movie goers pop to consume at the movies(and its healthy too!), Koreans make it into icecream.

Steph looked at it in disgust, but I love corn and was delighted by its thin wafer shaped into a corn cob, and it was filled with sweet corn ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Called Cornie in English, i recommend you try it! Its not very corn flavoured but its definitely there. And it looks like im not the only fan of it.

However an Mexican Brand Palapa Azul has already released sweet corn icecream in a tub, according to Junkfood Blog. But be warned this blog has some weird stuff! like???? Tofu that Tastes like Human Flesh? ewww! That's just wrong.

Remind me to blog the Shitake Mushroom Crisps sometime...

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