Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chinese Dinner Tonight

Tonight we had Marti over for dinner, we needed his signature and passport so Steph can get his very first passport for our trip to HK.

However Steph our normal chef is sick (he managed to catch a nasty bug in Adelaide PLUS he has passed it to me *cough cough* SO it was left to me to do dinner.

We had Ginseng Chicken Soup - I made this yesterday, but I had to add 2 thinly sliced carrots for a bit more sweetness. Ginseng tastes yuk as far as I'm concerned.

We need a bit of chilli to scare off this flu, so I made Sichuan Eggplant. This is a recipie I found online but mine had mince, onions, sugar and a lot of oyster sauce. Not as hot as I normally have it, but one must cater for the taste of the guest.

Good old Stir Fry Gai Lan - I mashed up heaps of garlic in the new mortar and pestle that Kathleen and Andrew gave us for christmas (thanks guys it works a treat!) Stir Fry, use a bit of the ginsing soup as wilting liquid and yum!

And lastly whole steamed Snapper, didn’t really fit on the plate so I had to chop off its tail and steam that besides the fish. Sprinkle liberally with salt on both sides and in the cavity. Then cover the top of it with shredded ginger, and a few slices inside the cavity. Then steam take out and transfer to another plate (steamed one too bloody hot) Heat up a bit of oil in a pot, while that’s heating, sprinkle finely chopped spring onion and splashed the hot oil over the fish. (not sure why I do this, I just follow my dad's footsteps) then splash with soy. And serve!

And what do you have for dessert to top off this lovely chinese meal?

Betty Crocker Vanilla Packet Cake.

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