Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We're in!

After 4 days of hell, we're finally in and halfway settled, well the kitchen is unpacked, the fish are back in their tanks and the plants are still in their pots.

We're currently without internet at home, but photos should be coming soon of the move.

Andrew & Kathleen visited on Sunday and seem quite impressed with our new mess, Andrew is already eying off as a new potential LAN party location, plenty of space :O)

Oh and a belated Happy Chinese New Year!
Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Funny Hats off!!!

Jen sent this to us, its very funny!! Unfortunately its embedded in the email so we have to link the full video clip here

It seems it isnt a good idea to encourage the natural instincts of the wild especially in the zoo

Along the same lines of an alluring hat The Morning Musume try it with a meat hat.

Happy Australia Day!

I'm happy to wish all a Happy Australia Day! Dig deeply from the book of Strine and spread our unique way of life.

Define Strine:
Unique Australian saying for the day:
He couldn't find his arse with both hands - even if his fingers were flashlights!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We're almost there...

Picked the keys up today, and “The saga thus far...”

Eva hadn't managed to get to the bank to organise the bank cheque for the bond, so it was a mad rush up the hill from work to meet a rather stressed Eva, idiot decided to dice with death and was collected by a car trying to cross Elizabeth Street, and brought traffic to a grinding halt.

I wandered to St James station got there and found my train was there, bolted down the stairs, and jumped on the 1st train that I saw not really checking whether it was going the right way or not, got there just in time to have the guard let me in via his office door, thanked him greatly and then realised that it was going the wrong way and instead of moving onto Museum Station, I'd made it to Circular Quay!! Grrr!! I was beginning to run out of time, to pick the keys up.

All good, next train was in 4 minutes, I managed to get home in time to grab the spare phone and some spare phone cable and then head off to get the keys.

Thank god, I thought, finally something's working for the first time today, get to our new place, check out the letterbox, find it full to the brim with junk mail about 3kg worth!

Carried the mound inside, organised for Telstra not to charge me $209 for a line connection and a technician's pointless visit, and to wonder how the previous tenants got their bond back, because there are quite a few things wrong with the place including some lax cleaning skills...

Never mind, a nice stressful day come good!

Next is moving the boxes and furniture tomorow and Friday, so looking forward to that!

Monday, January 23, 2006

I just want to cook something

Much to my delight, Eva is out enjoying dinner with the boss and the team at work, and I'm at home to fend for myself.

When I called Eva to see what was happening tonight, she said that I could make Vegimite Sandwiches for myself, but there was chicken in the fridge that needed to be cooked.

Yummy I thought! Chicken risotto I'm thinking, but alas, Eva's packed all the spices, including a few of my key ingreedients, Salt, Pepper and a few others. Located the box that contains all the herbs and spices we have, and it looks like this...

What to do?

Watercress and FishTank

I published a FishTank/Food article in the Tank blog... Doesn't seem right without mentioning it here and putting a link to the recipe for Chinese Watercress Soup

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well... I'm over it

Yes, I'm over the piles of boxes, mess, and the heat!

May January 25th hurry up when we take the keys for our new place, then we can start moving on in!

There is definitely no way you could "Bless this mess"!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

FoodBlog: Strange Food

I love Japanese food and Korean food, I love their junkfood! Its all brightly coloured, covered in gibberish and you have no idea what its going to taste like or do!

Today I found Sweet Corn Ice Cream! Yup, what Aussie throw on the barbeque, slathered with butter, salt and pepper, Chinese puree and add chicken to make soup. Movie goers pop to consume at the movies(and its healthy too!), Koreans make it into icecream.

Steph looked at it in disgust, but I love corn and was delighted by its thin wafer shaped into a corn cob, and it was filled with sweet corn ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Called Cornie in English, i recommend you try it! Its not very corn flavoured but its definitely there. And it looks like im not the only fan of it.

However an Mexican Brand Palapa Azul has already released sweet corn icecream in a tub, according to Junkfood Blog. But be warned this blog has some weird stuff! like???? Tofu that Tastes like Human Flesh? ewww! That's just wrong.

Remind me to blog the Shitake Mushroom Crisps sometime...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

10 Days out...

And this is what the place looks like!

Thankfully you cannot see the wall of boxes behind me! I haven't looked upstairs yet, but, I'm sure it's just as bad.

I have decreed, that I no longer like moving! Eva keeps accusing me of being a horder, ok, so I don't like throwing away things, especially when they
  1. Have sentimental value, and
  2. They might come in handy some day, especially the computer bits, who knows when you’re going to need that 6 GB HDD that doesn't read anymore without making a chilling metallic sound...
But there has been some progress, we've found ourselves a removalist, my good friend Kath from work referred me onto "Happy Days removals", and we have Tim and his band of merry men (ok, one man, band of merry men has a nice ring to it) arriving 0700 hrs on the 27th. I've agreed not to get in their way, or to opt for Tim & myself to do the lifting.

On a side note, one of Eva's biggest worries, is not having enough boxes, but thanks to Andrew & Kathleen, kindly donating their private stash, and Eva raiding the Puma Factory outlet box bin, I think we have enough, finally. I think a 30 or so boxes should do the trick now.

Off to try and make this place remotely tidy so we can move about without killing each other.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Photos of New Apartment

As promised here are the photos of the new apartment.

Click here for More Pics

Being an Ex Real Estate person, I have even located a floorplan. Okay it wasnt exact, i had to filp it around and make up the balcony but its essentially the same


Green Eggs and Ham

Does everyone remember the classic Dr Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham?

Well looks like the inventive Taiwanese have brought our childhood fantasy up to 21st century reality.

"Taiwan, home to the world's first transgenic glowing fish, has successfully bred fluorescent green pigs..." "There are partially fluorescent green pigs elsewhere, but ours are the only ones in the world that are green from inside out. Even their hearts and internal organs are green," Wu said today."

But really would you eat green ham? If Steph's Roast Pork was green would you have the same level of anticipation?

And why Green? Would it appeal to vegetarians? Hang on! I've got it!! The Green Party now have a perfect candidate for their mascot! LOL

It turns out that Green Eggs and Ham has quite a following! Ive found the following items of interest:
  • The Green Eggs and Ham Cafe, Florida Oooh!
  • Green Eggs and Ham Hotel, Belgium Oooh! (I wonder if Lulu and Denzil stayed there...)
  • Green Eggs and Ham Apparell Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!
  • Green Eggs and Ham Board Game Oooh!
  • Green Eggs and Ham Cake Oooh!
  • Green Eggs and Ham Crockery Oooh!
  • Green Eggs and Ham Computer Game Oooh!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Destination

Today we went into our new leasing agent and signed our lease for the new place!

From the 25th onwards this month we will be living in Sydney Park Village (Corner of Mitchell Rd and Sydney Park Road) This complex is HUGE. With 16 buildings in total over 650 apartments!!! , 3 swimming pools, tennis courts and a full gym. 10 acres of landscaped area, theres childcare, and even a jogging track somewhere...

Its a 2 bedroom place, with an excellent balcony, facing north, and recessed in a the curve of a building (so we will get some shade!), the rooms are not palatial but they will be fine for a queensize bed, the master has a walk in robe, ensuite, and balcony access. the 2nd room has a window facing north and built-ins. The kitchen is nice and big, with chocolate veneer. and the walls are spring green with aubergine featured walls (green and purple). Which thankfully matches our furniture that we currently have, the other placed we saw had blue carpet and walls along with cherry wood finishes. We would have had to replace all our furniture if we moved there!

I'm going in on Friday to measure up for the fridge and check for a phone line, so I'll take photos then!

Locally around us however, we are a walk to the back end of King street, a walk to St Peters Train Station (a cheaper and real train station) Bay Swiss Factory outlet is around the corner and all our favourite factory outlets are still within driving range.

But best of all, we are just a walk away from friends! Marti and Nige live across the road, and Wil and Winston live on the other side of the road too! Steph's work colleague and good mate, Kath live within the complex! So there will be heaps of outdoor BBQ's with our new REAL balcony. :)

I can't wait!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's Hong Kong here we come!

With 75 days to go till we leave for Hong Kong, we've got so much to do!

1st, we've got to move house, where to? not sure yet, but we've put our application in for a couple of places in the area, hopefully it'll pay off. We should know with one of them by Monday sometime if we've got the place or not.

2nd, Eva's younger brother, Edmund arrives a week after we move. The move is more or less to facilitate Edmund's arrival, as our current digs are way too small, even for us! A new start, and somewhere else to get to know.

3rd, asking for more time off from work, I know mine shouldn't be too much of a problem, but for Eva? not sure, but hook or by crook, she's on that plane!

Thursday, January 05, 2006


After that delicious cake we settled down to watch the latest Jackie Chan movie - The Myth. Marti tells me that Jackie doesnt like working in Hollywood - too restrictive, Good on him! i say! besides his chinese movies are way better than that Americanised rubbish.

The Myth is a interesting twist of modern and historial plots, with Jackie having a link to the past as General Meng-Yi.

The variety in the cast is amazing! there are Indians, Koreans and Chinese too! Steph and Marti were drooling over Mallika Sherawat, an indian sex symbol(as you can clearly see).

The laughs were there. The melodrama was certianly there *Rolls Eyes* ("You wish for me to live in agony? Very well. I will live my life for you"*barf*). But the movie was good fun over all. More than i can say for Seven Swords, the most chopped up movie I have ever watched.

Then I watched Howl's Moving Castle. IT IS EXCELLENT! I love it to bits, I would watch it again except its 3am. and its a 2 hr long movie.

Chinese Dinner Tonight

Tonight we had Marti over for dinner, we needed his signature and passport so Steph can get his very first passport for our trip to HK.

However Steph our normal chef is sick (he managed to catch a nasty bug in Adelaide PLUS he has passed it to me *cough cough* SO it was left to me to do dinner.

We had Ginseng Chicken Soup - I made this yesterday, but I had to add 2 thinly sliced carrots for a bit more sweetness. Ginseng tastes yuk as far as I'm concerned.

We need a bit of chilli to scare off this flu, so I made Sichuan Eggplant. This is a recipie I found online but mine had mince, onions, sugar and a lot of oyster sauce. Not as hot as I normally have it, but one must cater for the taste of the guest.

Good old Stir Fry Gai Lan - I mashed up heaps of garlic in the new mortar and pestle that Kathleen and Andrew gave us for christmas (thanks guys it works a treat!) Stir Fry, use a bit of the ginsing soup as wilting liquid and yum!

And lastly whole steamed Snapper, didn’t really fit on the plate so I had to chop off its tail and steam that besides the fish. Sprinkle liberally with salt on both sides and in the cavity. Then cover the top of it with shredded ginger, and a few slices inside the cavity. Then steam take out and transfer to another plate (steamed one too bloody hot) Heat up a bit of oil in a pot, while that’s heating, sprinkle finely chopped spring onion and splashed the hot oil over the fish. (not sure why I do this, I just follow my dad's footsteps) then splash with soy. And serve!

And what do you have for dessert to top off this lovely chinese meal?

Betty Crocker Vanilla Packet Cake.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The deed is done

It's official!

We're moving on Australia Day!

To where?

No idea yet, but with the Advent of Eva's younger brother Edmund moving to Sydney a week later, us outgrowing our current digs and this place being hot enough to cook bread in summer, it's time to move house.

I'm just not looking forward to packing, and moving, but am looking forward to more room to store my stuff!

Sorry Kathleen, not yet...

Planning is underway!

Today has been a rather busy day, sick or not, Eva dragged me out to East lakes, and after a few frenzied phone calls to her parents in Hobart, we started getting some prices on Flights and accommodation in Hong Kong.

Due to this cold, I can't hear properly and just generally feel like crap, so I extend my apologies to the kind Travel Agents we visited if I looked bored by the whole experience.

I think Eva likes the Concourse Hotel, not only for it's vicinity to the local MRT station, but for it's Lilac Facade.

We did however spend a little money on some travel books to help us out with what to do and see. We bought TimeOut: Hong Kong, Macau & Guangzhou as well as Loney Planet Best of Hong Kong, The ultimate Pocket Guide & Map. Both books should shed some light on all I need to get myself into trouble and back out again.

The real reason why we're going, is to celebrate the wedding of Eva's cousin Michael and his fiance, but this won't stop us doing some sight seeing and doing lots of SHOPPING!

It's now officially 80 days till we leave.


Since just before Christmas, I think I've received about 100 or so phishing emails supposedly from the NAB & Westpac. Totally irritating because I don't bank with either of them.

But it's always good when you see a win, NAB closes eight bogus websites overseas. Pitty this hasn't stopped the flood of email though.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Playing Catch up...

With me being sick over the Christmas period, and my parents computer being on the blink, I'm slowly catching up on some events of the holiday that I haven't posed yet, so please check the following links out:

Wine Tasting
New Years Eve

More to come

Standard response?

It's not often that I check out a crash of some software, and I'm less likely to hit the "more info" link supplied on the dialogue box, but it seems that Microsoft have a rather instantanious response...


Microsoft has researched this problem with Mozilla Firefox, and they do not currently have a solution for the problem that you reported. Below is a list of recommendations to take that may help prevent the problem from recurring.

  • Contact Mozilla Firefox for Firefox support.
  • Not sure if my 2 cents count, but, it's definitely the fastest "research" I've seen, 90 seconds it would be. Sounds alot like a "SEP" to me.

    Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

    Steph and I decided to walk to a nearby apartment complex to have a look. That was a bad decision! It reached 45 degrees C today! with a 13% humidity, which makes the heat bone dry! and more intense! After a quick walk around the block my body was radiating heat! Covered in sweat and very flushed... My bones melted! My temper frayed, and suddenly Tassie was a wonderful place to move back to,

    4 cold showers
    Sit in Car with Air con on full blast
    Watch a movie (but the aircon there was working overtime and wasnt all that cooling)
    Pray for the weather change

    Thank god the last option worked and about 8ish a strong gust of wind cooled the temperatures back down to the 20's...


    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    New Years Eve

    As 2005 came to a close, Eva and I departed Adelaide at 0600 hrs, with a 0330 hrs wakeup, we made it to Sydney somewhere around 0900 hrs. Glad to be home we unpacked the Christmas present haul, and wallow in the furnace that is our appartment.

    Eva eventually found the bed and passed out after a cold shower.

    We'd organised with Andrew & Kathleen to catch up for the fireworks on Sydney Harbour, Winnie also joined us.

    At midnight I set the camera to take a photo every 5 seconds, here are some of those photos, pitty I can't seem to keep my hands steady, so some of them are a little shaky. Next time, I'll buy a tripod or a Monopod to help with my unsteady hand!