Sunday, August 28, 2005

Things that you should'nt do when you are half-asleep

Cutting Hair

Sunday morning, I concluded that I needed my hair cut. so in the bathroom, gather it into a pony tail and snip.

Later on when more awake, I informed Steph. He wanted to see ( I had it in a bun) loosen the lot and his comment was:

"How about I pay for a real haircut?"

Sigh... Don't quit your day job Eva

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Out of Action

Steph has the flu...

but sick or not the groceries still need to get done. At this point i noted that when Steph is sick he doesnt think so well... While shopping he picked up the most expensive kitchen towels i had ever seen!!! He looked at me. i look at the towels and then at him, wordlessly took them, and returned to the trolley with some cheaper towels.

Needless to say he was delegated to trolley after that!!!

Incidently the same thing happens with me when im drunk :P

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Good news!

After nearly 14 months of working hard, turning up to work when I'm too sick to be there and forsaking any holiday of any theriputic nature, my lovely boss Nicole, pulled me aside last week and asked me a question I never thought I'd hear even though it's been promised for so long...

"We would like to offer you a perminant role, are you interested?"

My reaction was... "Of course! It's been something I've been wanting for over 12 months"

My boss Nicole, I think, was a little taken aback at my rapid response, but yes, I'm a little tired of being a contractor, but am glad finally my hardwork is being recognised.

I called Eva, and she was most happy and not to mention excited for me.

I really enjoy where I'm working, the team is great, I'm learning heaps and my ideas are being listened to, management are great, very open and keen to keep the team informed, and include them in everything.

All I need to do now is to wait for my letter of offer and to see a contract, then it's... umm, Sign on the dotted line.

But till then, Mum's the word :O)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Wonton

It was a Paddy's Sunday and today I had to make wontons! So after parking in the secret parking spot and hoist the big black trolley across the road for some cheap veggies. I returned home to prepare a feast! To make wontons you need the stuffing and the wrappers

You will need
1/2kg of pork mince (fatty ones taste nicer but lean is healthier)
1 can of water chestnuts chopped up
spring onion, chopped finely
handful of dried shitake mushrooms, soaked in hot water, chopped finely

Roughly you should have 1/2 the volume of water chestnuts, spring onions and shitakes compared to the pork. Then a tablespoon of cornflour, a tablespoon of sesame oil, 2 tablespoons of soy, and 1tsp white pepper. Mix and mush it all together til well combined.

To make wontons First put a teaspoon in the centre of the wrapper. Then fold inhalf diagonally and press the sides down. Then gather the corners up and squish to push the stuffing down and make that "drawstring bag look"

Pop it on a slightly oiled baking tray and do the all the other wontons. I kinda got lazy here, and did double wrapped wontons. they are a bit chunkier but taste just as good! i like the sloppy wrappers anyway.

They are really easy to cook too! but you need to cook them even if you are going to freeze these little guys. What I did was reuse the boiling water that I used to soak the shitakes. Add a bit of chicken stock. Dropped the wontons in when the water is boiling, then reduce to a simmer and drop in the wontons.

When they start to float, simmer them for another 5 mins then use a female spoon (spoon with holes) to lift them out. Serve with a bit of broth and some soy, and some chopped up spring onion. (i forgot to reserve some)

Steph trying out my wontons, he deserved them after doing the laundry and vacuuming the house!

"Whatcha looking at? let me finish my wontons!"

Thursday, August 18, 2005

SPAM: Hershey's or Ghiradelli Chocolate?

for the last month or so Ive been getting spam emails on my work email - one or two a day, nothing to get pissed off about. but today I decided to right click on the email and view the source... track down a url and hand it out to some geek army to storm and crash... instead i get some geeks update log of his RPG (Role Playing Game) development!

ive cut and pasted some of the crap below - its amusing, the guys moaning about needing a life because hes typing up a walkthrough but hes attached his update log to a spam!!!

! bloops... did Elementalist too.. I'm bored. Someone make me get a life.Anyway, playing character now up to Abaddon's mouth, hopefully I will get themaps for those done by Tuesday, as well as a more specific set of directions inthe main walkthrough.
7-2-05 All the armors finally done. Hoping to at least do some monk skillstoday, maybe some maps, too.
7-6-05 - Not much work on missions, skills are taking a lot longer than I hadanticipated. Finished the monk skills... aside from where to get them, I'll bedoing that probably all night. Damnit. Damnit.
7-7-05 - Well, that's out of the way. I have no intention of setting a timetable to when I'll have skills for other classes done. Other than monks, mostof my experience is with Mesmer's, so I'm sure I'll do that one soon. Maybe Ican talk someone into writing the other ones, hmmm.
What is he thinking? Hes hitching a ride on a spam mail train! Thats parasite on parasite!!! Or is this a new form of advertising, targeting the geeks? Will we have Spam mail for Viagra and the underlying code be for Contraception?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jealous or what?!?!

Steph is such a wonderful cook!

Here for dinner we had chicken breast stuffed with spring onions and blue brie, wrapped in bacon. Panfried then baked. Served with a Stephs adaptation of Ratatouille of eggplant, tomatoes and mushrooms. Garnished with julienne sliced spring onions.

Then For dessert more Tatre Tatin.

"We do not eat to live. We Live to Eat!!!"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Food Blog: Veal Stew and Apple Tarte Tatin

Firstly I didn't realize veal was so expensive!

oh well

this recipe was taken out of the Gourmet Travelers Magazines that Vodafone so kindly gave me as a gift... Not sure what for but hey ill take it anyway!

Veal and Vegetable Stew
2 Eggplants, 2 Capsiucm, 4 cloves Garlic, 12 pickling Onions, 2 punnets Cheery Tomatoes, 1 kg Veal, 1/2 cup white wine, 1 1/2 Tbs tomato paste, oregano, marjoram, parsley.

chop up all the vegetable and cook in a pan until soften
brown the veal, add the herbs, season with salt and pepper, add veggies then the white wine and tomato paste and a bit of water. heat until boiling then chuck into a 180C oven for 1.5 hrs. and it looks like the stew below.

Verdict: needed a bit more salt(I got tired of holding the salt grinder above a boiling pot) and a bit of cornflour to thicken the sauce. It was very tender, and passed Steph Tastebuds too!!!

Then for dessert Tarte Tatin.
This is a classic French dessert and 'Tatre Tatin" means Upside-Down Carmelized Apple Tart. Its even has its own website! however has an article describing various stories that were the origins of this delicious pie. My favorite and the authors too was that one of the 2 Tatin Sisters was late because she was busy flirting with the hunters and she ran into the kitchen, threw the apples, butter and sugar in a pan and then forgot as she help with the other duties. The odor of caramel filled the kitchen, Stephanie realized she'd forgotten the apple tart, so she decides to put the pastry on top of the apples, pops the pan in the stove to brown and then turns it upside down to serve.

So to make your own Tatre Tatin
Peel, core and quater 5 apples. Golden Delicious was called for here but i dont think the apple type really matters.

Make the carmel sauce (bring to boil 1.4cup water and 175g sugar, add butter then bring to a strong boil while stirring, when it begins to brown slow the heat down and continue to stir until golden caramel. and then pour it into your pie dish then place your sliced apples wedges on top, smother with melted butter and bake that for a 12mins. Bring out and put the puff pastry. Back in the oven til the pastry is golden brown then you pull it out and let it sit for 20mins so the apples can absorb the caremel.
After that you flip it upside down and it shoud look like the image above.

Serve it with cream or ice cream in steph's case.

Friday, August 12, 2005

New addition

After getting home from the pub, I found a new addition to the blogsphere... "The New Tank".

I thought I'd take the opportunity to surprise Eva and add a link to the new site from here. Please take a look as Eva whips up excitement about her new fish tank!

I'm just worried it won't fit in the car!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


A big thanks to Eva and her finding me some new ringtones for my phone... Much better than the old F1 Joradan (Now named crazy frog) and the default Nokia ringtones.

In my desire to get a laugh out of my new ringtones, I send Eva the following email...
Hey there, can you call me Quando Quando Quando!


With the lag between work's mail system and the rest of the world... Eva manages to catch me in the loo...

My return email to her...
Sorry... you caught me in the middle of secrect mens business... all of a sudden there was "Darling when will you be mine..." ringing through the loo

try again *blush*

Ahhh Modern tekernology!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Love them and hate them. Personalized ding dangs that ring on other peoples phones, while they are away from their desk. Persistant twangs and chimes that drive you batty.

Well I've added to the problem. I now have the following mp3 ringtones. and i dont even have an mp3 ringtone phone! :P still on an old Nokia 6510

Quando Quando Quando - Original from Heineken ad.
the original was sung by Engelbert Humperdink (what a name!!!), Michel Buble did a horrible version of it (imho)
"Darling when will you be mine?!!
Tell me Quando Quando Quando!
We can share a love divine
Please don't make me wait again

When will you say yes to me
Tell me Quando Quando Quando!
You mean happiness to me
Oh my lover tell me when"
Ask steph he's already had an incident with this ringtone :P

Dr Evil Theme - They might be giants
The song was penned by They Might be Giants and was used in Austin Power's The spy who sagged me. It has a hot bass guitar strum that starts slowly and then a gorgeous voice chants out
"Evil, evil is his one and only name
Evil, in his mind there is no other game!"
This one is perfect for the boys

Coconuts - Monty Python
I couldn't resist, I had to have this one! Lion King did a take of it too
"Oh, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.
There they are all standing in a row.
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head.
Give 'em a twist, a flick of the wrist."
That's what the showman said.

Oi! I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.
Every ball you throw will make me rich.
There stands me wife, The idol of me life,
Singing roll a bowl, a ball, a penny a pitch."
This one is for the girls :P may not last but the humor is there.

These ringtones are 30secs long. If you want any of these please drop a comment along with your email address :)

New Tank Coming Soon

Yes its time! ive put a deposit down on new real estate and will be picking up a new tank on Saturday!!!

the tank looks like the one below

From website

Like all big purchases you do your research and its amazing how many people have comments on this tank!
Ive been warned that the stand doesnt come with very good instructions. So ill be prepared come Saturday.

I still have to buy a few more things
  • Heater - I want a tropical tank. (yes steph we will have neon tetras - those blue and red fishys)
  • Gravel
  • Plants
I have to let the tank sit for a bit before bring the fish in. but ill put pics up when its all set up!!!