Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A bright spot for the day...

Something that captured my attention this morning in my morning Sydney Morning Herald email post... I just wonder where Prancer is ;O)

Sydney police hunt Dasher the reindeer
April 27, 2005 - 6:29AM

Motorists have been warned to look out for a reindeer on the loose in western Sydney.

A motorist first spotted the it in Longfield Street, Cabramatta, about 4am (AEST), says a police spokesman.

The reindeer, nicknamed Dasher by police trying to track its movements, has also been sighted on the Hume Highway.

Fairfield Council staff have been called in to help the police capture Dasher.

Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hat's off

It's no real secrect that I work for the largest telco here in Australia, Telstra, and that the government is gearing up to sell off the remaining 51% of the company.

But what is a bit of a secret, is how Telstra looks after their staff, contractors included. Yes, it's really amazed me also. It was announced that my Service Centre in Darling park was being shut down last week, through consolidation of sites from about 5, to 2, and thankfully we've been saved, because there've been no job losses here in NSW.

The really amazing thing is, Telstra go out of their way to help you either 1. Find a new role within the company, or 2. Put you somewhere else that suits your skill base.

With my past experiences with other companies I've worked for, if your not required, they'd make you redundant and march you out the door there with little to no other options (usually at Christmas time or at end of finnancial year).

Luckilly I had a choice where I wanted to go, and I have decided to go back out to Parramatta to keep working on the Telstra account. At the moment I'm not prepared to do a graveyard shift or really give up my weekends to work on a helpdesk, any other role, yes I would, but helpdesk? nope, been there done that.

When it boils down, the company looks after it's own and gives you options, something that most other companies wouldn't blink an eye at doing.

Hat's off to Telstra for looking after the team.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday, Signing the lease, a royal wedding

10 bucks that its a cream suit with a big white floppy hat and the bouquet has heather in it.

That is how exciting today has been... We signed our new lease today. We are here for another 6 months. Thankfully the landlord is looking at getting air conditioning for this place. For summer this place is shockingly hot. but if the rent goes up, eva and steph goes out!

We both like alexandria. The bargin shopping is great, the location is close to Randwick, East Garden, Broadway, Marrickville and Fox Studios.

I was in rockman's last saturday and picked up an evening top in creamy silk for $10, a halterneck summer dress for $15. and 6 braclets for 50 cents each!

i love a bargin

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Is that a rash or you have you just not checked your email in a while?

Courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald this morning, the following article appeared under the Technology section: It's a mail world. The article tells of a tale diss-simmilar to our good friend Denzil and when he visits Hobart, as his girlfriends parents don't have an internet connection.

Whilst Denzil was in Hobart the first ime, Eva kindly mentioned, "before you break into a rash, your more than welcome to borrow Ed's (Eva's youger brother) internet to get your fix".

And so, when Denzil goes without his internet for a while (a day or three) we joke about his rash!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Steph can fix it! Yes he can!

Steph fixed the dashboard lights!!

For the last year if I, well steph drove at night we would have to guess the speed we were going at. (though steph says he can feel the speed hes going at *dubious look*)

But after a chat with a mate of his. he fixed it! turns out to be just a fuse and now we can see what speed we are going at, where the fan dial is, how much fuel is left, what temperature is the air control on! its wonderful!

So wonderful that when I noticed the rear flat tyre on the passenger side, it was nothing!