Saturday, February 19, 2005

Yum Cha + Dragon Boating

Last Saturday Steph and I organised a yum cha fix, followed by dragon boating,

Yumcha was at the East Ocean, lovely restaurant but rather irritating because they wouldn't give us a table without half of us there. But after 15 mins of shelling out dirty looks we got our table for 10, even tho only 6 of us turned up!

The last yum cha we had was in December with Lulu and Denzil so you can tell we were having withdrawal symptoms! Between the 6 of us we had 11 large dim sim plates! (cant remember the rest) . we ate from 11.30am to 2.30pm! 3 hours of feeding! So much! Needless to say we waddled out of the restaurant, grateful that Yum cha is a fortnightly fix rather than a weekly one.

Pep and Ray had to run off to do some freelancing work, but Jane, Kevin, Steph and I headed down to Darling Harbour to cheer the Dragon boaters.

Was it busy! There was side entertainment, these Takio drummers were amazing! Three drummers, the lead drummer was a gwai loh, one Japanese guy and a female. their arms were so well defined! the Japanese guy looked like he made sushi part-time and the rhythms and the movements they did while drumming was enthralling.

Incidentally they are playing in June at the City Recital Hall, If you are interested in coming along drop me an email Ill see if I can get bulk tickets.

The joys of being Eva is that she is very easily recognisable, just wandering down to the edge of the water, where everything was I hear an "Eva!" Look around and there's Nigel! Then another "Eva!" Look around and there's Alex! My who needs a paging system. Turns out that Alex had moved up to Tassie and was rowing for Corvu Gold. A bit of a dilemma as I had Nigel's CYC team to cheer on. After greeting everyone they zipped off on their merry way and we sat down to cheer the teams across the line.

The dragon boats were filled with all sorts of people, it was interesting to see that so many Caucasians had joined the dragon boat craze. An elderly couple that sat near us stated many a times that the last boat lost only due to the dead weight at the back (rudder man). Then they would break off and reel out their yum cha list :)

Kevin and Jane provided us with a bit of laughter too. With all the topless and fit guys running around it was very hard to hold a conversation with them! But it was all for fun! Many chinese guys looked like they had been marinated in dark soy! A few tandoori guys around too esp the gwai lohs!

We left just after 3pm and rather thankfully as just as we got home the deluge began! My god that much rain! A wet Steph and a soaked Eva made their way home after a lovely day of food and tradition, and passed out after too much sun :)

Friday, February 18, 2005

One man's trash is Eva's treasure

I showed my true heritage last night…

While taking the trash out I came across some junk that people had thrown out.

A perfectly usable vespa helmet was found in the pile of junk and being Chinese and all for making free money she is she put it on eBay!

THH T-7 Helmet! Vespa Scooter or Motorcycle

So far its only 1 buck. But hey it cost me nothing!

I think I have done my heritage proud

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Cynical Love

Tonight Steph and I went to see the Movie Closer - starring Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts and Clive Owen.

Normally I won’t make my way out to see drama movies but Steph is part of the Cinema Buzz Club and you can get $8 buck tickets for certain movies. And because we hadn’t seen a movie since Hero I agreed.

I had heard Margaret and David’s review of this movie on the ABC, you can read it. I was a bit dubious after their description of it. And after watching it I would have to say the review was honest and rather accurate.

In my humble opinion the movie was a take on cynical view on love and accepting the truth. Of all the characters I liked Alice the most. I thought she was the most decisive and capable of standing on her own feet. The other characters were rather dislikeable shallow creatures.

Dan (Jude Law) the character was a man in love with a girl, saw a woman loved the woman but wanted to keep the girl. And as a typical male appendage that wanted to eat his cake and keep it too. He was also a pompous bastard. He wanted his lovers to admit that they copulated with other men, but he make love so therefore he was different and could not be grouped with those ‘savages’.

On that note I’ve never ever liked Jude Law. I’m not sure if it’s the drug addict look or the feeling of insipid boy that he emanates. Can you picture him driving his own life? I can’t. I suppose that why he suited this character like a glove.

A highlight of the movie would be the amusing chat room sequence between 2 of the characters. The whole audience was laughing, snorting with amusement as the conversation progressed. Which goes to say be careful of who you talk to on the internet! They may never be who they say they are!

This is a movie you treat the same way you treat Pandora’s box, you tread carefully and the trepidation that it fills you with an uneasy feeling.

Score: 3 stars out of 5
Advise: Cheap tickets only movie

PS: Another highlight was Ramen at Ichiban Boshi! Steph had Seafood Ramen and was happy as a pig in mud. I chose Karrage Chicken Ramen, next time I’ll go for the cold noodles!

Oh and you have to try the Greater Union Cinemas at Westfield Bondi Junction – parking is free after 5pm. Added bonus in Sydney! But get in early! Seats are allocated.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Glass House

Its taken my hands and face this long to recover…

After many failed attempts to get and be a part of the Studio Audience for The Glass House since I moved to Sydney, we finally made it last night and brought along Andrew & Kathleen and The Best Man, Troy for a bit of a laugh.

Wandering into the ABC Ultimo Centre I was impress with the architecture display, with the dire straits that they tell us I was expecting a shed outback! We wandered up to the registration desk, and picking up our tickets which were little green dog tags. We waited with the rest of the fans and after a bit we wandered in and took our seats

The set is still the same, red and blue with mirrors everywhere, (I wonder if that would be how a budgie brothel would be decorate) The stage had changed and there were little rings of lights on underneath them… Dave described it as a hotplate which I thought was rather appros - the source of energy, fire, the epitomy of hell.

It was a great night, this week they had Molly Meldrum (really tiny dude) & Liz Ellis (Australian Netball Captain and only sports personality with wit). We were sitting in the right hand side of the stage, closest to Corrine and Molly.

A couple of statements that stuck in my head

Corrine: “We always say that men are simple creatures and they just nod, whereas if you said the same about girls we would be jumping down your throat… I think its because the guys are just focused on your boobs. For example:

Corrine: “You’re just simple”
Wil: (nods) Hmmm boobies

Dave: Hugh is an old mans name, like Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant…
Liz: But they’re in their thirties
Dave: pause… point taken.

Thankfully it was a 1 show recording and we were able to make our way down to china town for a late supper before heading home. Yum!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Magical Men of the Movies

The latest tabloids revealing that Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt breaking their long time relationships with their women have increased the hopes of many a women in this world.

Recently a personal ad dropped into my mailbox from a female workcolleague and very soon it was the featuring poster in every girl's work cubicle.

One of my dearest friends has a huge crush on movie men. Being single and with such high hopes I couldnt resist...

However the downside is Im not a fan of movie men. There is no actor I lust after, they are pretty to look at but nothing more to me. Nor had a written a personal ad EVER!

So imagine how mortified when one of the few male workers caught me looking at photos and deets of Orlando Bloom.

M: Sheesh! Stop Perving! and download this photo for me!
E: But but but! its not for me! its for her!
M: Yeah yeah I believe you - NOT!

to be grouped in with the hormonal fan females! how mortifying! I am now classed with the group that see a guy for their looks, for the characters they play! I am doomed!

PS: after recieiving the personal ad for Orlando Bloom I am now required to produce a Personal Ad for Colin Farrell. Any suggestions on the working? I did a little bit of research and hes full of swear words it seems....


This one is a little belated, but it's still a great recipe.

After a cry of desperation from Eva the other week for a pasta sauce with some bite, I found: Puttanesca Sauce with Anchovies, Olives and Capers. I can’t remember where I found it, but it packs a punch!

As my general rule is not to use recipes, but to invent something from scratch and develop it over time, but from time to time, I like to draw inspiration from well tested source and develop from there.

First time I tried this, I was a little short on a few ingredients, and really, it just didn’t pack the punch I was looking for. So I created again on Tuesday and well... it’s getting better and better as the days go by.

I strongly recommend that you use fresh tomatoes; they change the flavour of the dish completely. And as I rarely follow a recipe, I usually end up making enough to feed the local footy team.

3 T olive oil
4 cloves of garlic, halved
4 or 5 anchovy filets, chopped
1 small (14 - 16 oz) can crushed tomatoes
10 - 12 black olives, stoned and coarsely chopped
2 TBSP capers, soaked and drained
2 TBSP Italian parsley, chopped
1/2 to 1 small red chilli, chopped
1 lb spaghetti or spaghetti

SET aside some of the olives, parsley and capers as a garnish.

IN a deep pan lightly brown the garlic in hot oil. Add anchovies, crush to a paste with a fork.

ADD the tomatoes, olives, capers and the chilli, cook over medium high heat for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

ADD parsley and cook for a couple minutes more.

COOK the pasta. Drain well.

IN a warm serving bowl put the cooked and drained pasta, add the sauce, and mix thoroughly (you can also do this in your cooking pan if it is large enough). Some like to add a sprinkling of fresh chopped parsley at this point.

Cheese is not usually served with this dish.

Some meaning behind Puttanesca;
Also known as "whore's pasta," the name of this robust pasta dish originated in Naples after the local women of easy virtue. All the ingredients are just as easy to put your hands on, making this a quick and satisfying meal!

Who hasn't done it?

Who out there hasn't used a search engine to find their name on the internet? If you say no, I bet you’re lying. I know I have and I'm out there a few times, but when I thought I'd do a search on our blog, there were some interesting results.

I used: Google, Yahoo & MSN Search
(links are to search results and where you can find the reference)

As it happens, Google have us ranked 2nd when you do a search on "Steph & Eva" which is ok by my, but when you search in Yahoo, we're the No.1 ranking *Yay* 4 us and finally I tried MSN Search because it has no affiliation for either Google or Yahoo (who were bed partners for a while), and wasn't really surprised when I wasn't able to find our page at all, but after drilling down, I managed to find our site linked from the Modern Woman website with a reference to Eva's Ice-cream machine... weird eh?

What are your results? Comments welcome :O)