Thursday, December 22, 2005

We made it!

After booking our flights some 2+ months ago, Eva & I finally landed in Adelaide, my home town.

With only 2-3 hrs of sleep under my belt, and about 20 minutes on the plane where I managed to wake myself up along with scaring the living daylights out of Eva with a full body twitch, I was coherent and awake enough to read my APC Mag, and hold half a conversation with Eva for the remainder of the flight.

Arrived at Adelaide Airport in the old terminal building that's been there since the dawn of time itself, and the new terminal building across the way, STILL inoperable it was back to familiar surroundings. Picked the hire car up from Hertz, and then promptly made our way up the hill to my parents house.

Some photos of our ride up the hill:

Driving through Adelaide city

Entry to the Heysen Tunnels, aka the Heysen Nostrils as the locals like to call it.

When Eva & I eventually made it to my parents place, we were greeted by my parents and the two dogs Pippa & Mandy.

When ever I arrive in Adelaide, I can't leave Sydney without picking up some treats for the dogs, last time it was cowhide bones, this time it was whole beef shin bones, approximately 1kg each. The dogs loved them! Funny thing was, Pippa had trouble carrying hers around the front yard, as it was just too damn heavy. And minutes after handover, Mandy was already contemplating a place to bury hers, and started under the table under the lawn, got about 10cm down, and two paws wide, then lifted the bone over the hole to test for size, definitely too small, and not something my father was going to allow, so poor Mandy had to go find somewhere else to bury it... But as soon as she'd proudly trotted away after burying the bone, Pippa was in there unearthing the thing. Poor Mandy.

Mandy and her prized bone.

Pippa and her bone.

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