Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fixed it

About 6 weeks ago, my parents machine decided to die, and it was a few frantic phone calls, and much direction from me, they had the local computer guy in Mount Barker to fix it, strangely enough, he admitted that he'd never seen a setup like my parents have in their machine and nearly refused to fix it/look at it, because it was "non standard".

All the same, it cost my father $160 for 1x new HDD, labour to diagnose and install new hard disk, and the recommendation: "Purchase new Operating system".

Small rip off, considering they refused to install the copy of Windows 2000, stating it was "illegal" to install it becasue it was a burnt backup copy of my original back in Sydney. I certainly wouldn't charge nearly $60 to look at the machine and say "oohh... that's bad, it's a Blue Screen of death, what shall we do now?"

All that aside, I've fixed the computer, managed to remount the old hard disk's partitions and get all the apropriate data off it before it fails again.

I just hope my parents hurry up and buy a new computer soon, this 6 year old beast is definitely on her last legs!

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